Marvel Want A Spider-Man, Deadpool and Wolverine Team-Up Film

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 06.08.19
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Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool fighting together. It’s what we’ve always wanted.

With reports saying that Tom Holland will sign on to play Spider-Man another nine times, there’s a lot of room for his character to develop and interact with others in the MCU.

For now, I’m interested in seeing him be the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man that we keep hearing about, but never really get to see so far. With Iron Man out of the way and Peter hopefully staying in New York for a while now, this could have been what we were going to get.


Everyone knows who he is now so fat chance of us seeing the kind of hero we all grew to love over the decades come to fruition in the MCU.

wolverine spider-man mcu

That’s not to say that we can’t have fun with him though, and if these Marvel insiders are to be believed, then there’s a lot of fun on the way indeed.

Obviously there’s no word form the famously tight-lipped Marvel Studios about what might be happening, but I’m sure if enough people ask Tom Holland what’s going on, he’ll probably let something slip.

As it goes, within the comics Spider-Man and Deadpool have a pretty lighthearted love-hate relationship, with the latter pretty much idolising and loving the former, but Deadpool and Wolverine have more of a hate-hate relationship, with a hint of love.

deadpool wolverine mcu

Spider-Man will show affection to Deadpool, but Wolverine really struggles to do so, despite sort-of being loved and ruthlessly mocked by Deadpool himself.

As for Spider-Man and Wolverine, their relationship is more of a professional one, though there’s still fun to be had in that regard.

This could well all be a ploy to get hype up for the next Avengers film with, according to studio president Kevin Feige, is happening but is a bloody while away. During the San Diego Comic Con, he said of it:

Yes. It will be a very different team than we’ve seen before. That’s what Endgame was all about. It will be a very different incarnation of the team with some people you’ve already met and some you haven’t met yet.

spider-man deadpool mcu

Well it’s what I love about the Marvel comic method of storytelling. That’s not anything we invented, I love that things build up, they build to a crescendo, they all get together, they separate, they change.”

Yeah it’ll probably be a Phase 5 film, annoyingly.

Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds are already perfect casting; let’s hope Marvel get Wolverine right (i.e. not getting Tom Hardy in). They’ve pretty much got a 100% hit rate so far, so I have faith.

Well I’m pumped.

Images via Disney, Fox