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Maryland Police Find Decomposing Pregnant Woman's Body In An Apartment


Maryland police find decomposing pregnant woman's body in an apartment. Police in Maryland conducting a search warrant on the residence of a man accused in the shooting murder of a gas station employee discovered the remains of a presumably pregnant woman in an "advanced stage of decomposition"

Torrey Moore, age 31, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and possession of a firearm while committing a felony in relation to a shooting at a Silver Spring Shell gas station last week. Ayalew Wondimu, a 61-year-old convenience shop employee, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Moore was observed, according to Montgomery County Police Department Chief Marcus Jones, scooping up products from the counter "and began throwing them at the clerk."

Reportedly, Wondimu grabbed a metal stick from behind the counter and attempted to attack Moore. Moore allegedly drew a firearm from his pocket at that time and shot the clerk "at point blank range."

After locating Moore in an apartment building across the street from the gas station, a search warrant was issued and Moore was arrested without complication.

During the execution of the search order on his flat, Maryland police find decomposing pregnant woman's body in an apartment.

Based on a press release, "Moore gave statements to detectives that he had been in a relationship with the person located inside the apartment. He also stated that the victim was eight months pregnant at the time of her death."

According to Jones, Moore also waived his Miranda rights and allegedly "made statements implicating himself in the murder on Wondimu." Moore also said "there had been some type of fight" between him and the woman "about one month prior that led to the victim becoming deceased."

The body of the deceased woman was taken to the medical examiner for an autopsy. According to the police department, her identity and gestational age will be disclosed following the autopsy, positive identification, and notification of next of kin. Moore might face more charges if the medical examiner determines the cause and manner of the woman's death.

We're at the very early stages of this investigation, and trying to understand her family history, much about her, what has been occurring between these two individuals over the past, during the course of their relationship, and what would have occurred that would have warranted someone's dead body to be in the apartment for a very lengthy period of time and not contact authorities. That raises a lot of concerns for us. So we've got a lot of work to do, to follow up with this particular investigation.- Officer Jones


Maryland police find decomposing pregnant woman's body in an apartment of a man who was arrested last week in connection with a second alleged killing. But, that dead body is not identified yet and the police are still waiting for the autopsy result.

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