Massive Hawk Wasp Spotted Dragging Huntsman Spider Off For A Feast

Joseph FurnessJoseph Furness in News, World
Published 19.12.19

Forget King-Kong VS Godzilla, this fight off between a tarantula hawk wasp and a huntsman spider in Sydney is the real battle of the monsters.

Only in Australia, aye. 

Imagine: you’re walking down the streets, minding your own business and you see a humongous wasp about to consume an equally-gigantic huntsman spider.

I don’t know about you but I’d run like the wind.


Well, one Sydney citizen spotted this very scene earlier this week in the beachside suburb of Bronte. What did they do? They stopped to take a photo, and then uploaded it on Reddit.

Hawk Wasp Huntsman

What exactly is going on here?

(WARNING: Please do not read this whilst eating.)

The hawk wasp paralyses its spider prey with its stinger before it lays an egg inside the spider.

In this image, the wasp can be seen dragging the spider back to its nest. The tarantula hawk wasp is an insect that can carry double their weight (there’s no way they’re not on ‘roids).

Once the spider is placed in the nest, the wasp lays its egg and then the offspring eats it from the inside-out.

I did warn you this wasn’t an appropriate lunch read.


How are Reddit users reacting to the image?

The image has already been shared over 37,000 times on Reddit and people certainly have something to say.

Best part about this post? We all knew it was Australia without reading the description. WE JUST KNEW. – dakotaisspiderman 

Well I just looked up the Huntsman spider and it’s safe to say I won’t ever leave my house anymore because those fuckers seem to be able to live almost anywhere.

I’m from Germany and so far I’ve been spared the sight of these alien looking fuckers but Wikipedia says they are pretty common in Europe and even Germany so I’ll just stay inside forever now. – S1mba93


If those things lived inside of a 300mi radius, I’d move. Fuck that noise. They’re the size of dinner plates and I’m terrified of the tiny little spiders we have. I’d for sure have a heart attack if I saw one of those in person. – JohnnySasaki20

I had a desire to visit Australia. I no longer have that desire. Thanks for saving me some money. junkiesaysno

I would literally rather fist fight a polar bear buck naked than live somewhere where I might even have a remote chance of seeing one of these. Sveniven

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