Matching Lacy Bras And Knickers For Men Are Now A Thing

Becky HarrisBecky Harris in Weird
Published 26.08.19

A company has begun selling rather tasteful silky lingerie for men.

The world is finally moving on and realising that it’s alright for men to enjoy exactly what women do. I mean guys, us women are constantly stealing your hoodies and shirts and even your boxers, so now’s the time to get your own back!


No longer do men have to suffer wearing the same white, grey or black cotton underwear, or even over-priced Calvin Klein’s. Now you have a much more delicate option to choose. And just to answer the popular question “where does everything go if you want to wear a thong?” the company has created special thongs which have more room in the front than women’s thongs have, although you may need to get a size larger than normal just to make sure you get the proper ‘room’ you need. – Lingerie For Men – are the people responsible for the knickers and bras, and taking a look on their site, the underwear is pretty and satisfying to the eyes.

As a woman I would definitely be making purchases from this site because you can buy a range of comfortable looking nighties too! One of the best-selling is called the “Katie Romper”, made from blue silk, black lacing on the edges and two black straps that hold around the back.


One customer says:

“The Katie Romper is my first piece of lingerie. I’ve been wearing men’s panties for about 3 months and I’m really enjoying it. So much more fun regular than men’s underwear. When I first went to Homme Mystere online, I was immediately drawn to the Katie Romper… especially the back view photo. HOT! But I wasn’t sure I wanted to go further into lingerie. After going to the website about 10 times to look at it over a period of 3 weeks, I just had to buy it. I love the Katie Romper. I’m in very good shape and it fits perfectly, Took a few minutes to figure out how to get the straps right, but all good now. I love the feel of the silk… very good quality. Great color. Sexy to walk around in at home. I like to drop the straps and let the top part drape over the bottom. Wearing it without a panty of some kind works for me. Hope HM makes more like this.”

The underwear doesn’t come with the selection of cup sizes (you lucky males), only the selection of medium, large and extra large. However, the bra’s do come with wiring to keep the shape, so if you do buy some, good luck, because there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing wired cotton all day.

No matter how cute it may be, it’s not always worth it.


The best-selling bra on the site seems to be the “Miranda Bra” which matches with the “Miranda Panty” and the “Miranda Garter” too.

Not only is there underwear that is sold but swimwear too, both bikini and suit and honestly the bikini is really cute and pink! It’s called the “Tracy Swimwear Halter Top” and “Tracy Swimwear Brief”.

The back of the bikini top looks easy to fasten too, no straps to worry about (around the back anyway, the neck you have to tie up), just a simple clasp. Gives you more time to realise someone’s pulling at your fabric to give you an embarrassing reveal in the middle of the beach, that’s for sure! One customer reviewed the bikini top, saying:

“Love wearing a halter top. The snap makes it real easy to put on and take off. Wearing it with the brief and it really looks great! Makes you feel sexy all over!!”

The products are sold all around the world so get ordering blokes.


You never know the levels of comfort out there unless you give it a go!