The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, once wrote passionately about grime and many are finding it hilarious.

Matt Hancock has been a prominent figure during the coronavirus pandemic as more attention has been focused on the role of the health sector. However, few would have suspected that Matt Hancock once wrote a piece on the importance of grime music which outlined his passion for the genre. Nonetheless, the article from 2017 exists, and many are enjoying reading it and joking about the unlikely interest.

The article was written for The Times when Hancock was the Minister of Digital and Culture and while this position somewhat justifies the piece, many still have doubts about his genuine interest in the music.

The article itself notes that “as we look out across the globe as a nation, our music is one of our strongest calling cards.” Before going on to draw on personal taste when Hancock states, “For example, as a fan of grime music, I know our amazing urban music makes a massive contribution to our creative industries. The sounds of Skepta and Lady Leshurr are making waves across the world.”

Many people are proud of the music that comes out of the UK but very few can believe that Matt Hancock enjoys grime music as it does run contrary to his public image.

Now everyone is waiting to hear about his favourite MC!


Image via Alamy