Maura Hits Back At Claims She’s Been Getting It On With Greg Behind Amber’s Back

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Published 13.09.19

Chins were recently wagging as Maura and Greg were reportedly getting close in the wake of his split with Amber.

Maura and Greg on the Late Late Show together, and reports suggested they were cosying up.

An insider later claimed fellow Islanders thought their antics were ‘cruel and distasteful’, after they hit the town together that night.

‘Amber and Greg had only broken up a few hours ago, so everyone thought it was pretty distasteful and cruel of them – they were all over each other,’ a source told The Sun.

‘Curtis came to support them on The Late Late Show and made a brief appearance but had to leave shortly after so he didn’t see any of it.

‘The girls aren’t that surprised as it’s nothing she didn’t do in the villa but they are all saying Maura broke the girl code and has shown her true colours by partying with Greg. ‘Poor Amber was sat at home in tears while Maura was out on the town with him – and all over him.’

However, Maura has since shut down reports linking the two together, telling Metro:

‘Do you know what? It’s 2019 right? If I was stood there besides a girl, nothing was going to be said about it.

‘If I’m stood beside any man, I’m going to be accused of flirting. It’s absolutely ridiculous, come on!

‘He’s a friend and I don’t really care what people say.

‘I’ve always got on with lads, I’ve hung around with lads more than girls.

‘Just because I’m photographed besides a boy, doesn’t mean I’m flirting with them. Come on!’

There we have it. Just friends.

This comes after Greg O’Shea’s pal posted a string of snake emojis on Amber Gill’s Instagram feed.

The post didn’t go unnoticed as dedicated Amber supporters jumped to the 22-year-old’s defence.

“Greg was telling the public ‘he’s still mad about Amber’ he’s clearly telling his friends something else coz they have the audacity to leave a snake comment on her insta, I hope your fakeness gets exposed soon,”one person said.

A second said: “Greg’s friends are so annoying. Why are they leaving snakeemojis under Amber’s recent picture? Amber was too nice about the Gregsituation, he deserves to be dragged!”

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