McDonald’s Announce They’re Trialing Extended Breakfast Hours

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 12.06.19
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McDonald’s breakfasts could be available for longer very soon.

I’m always too late for the McDonald’s breakfast. It’s not that I have the luxury of having many lie-ins or anything like that, but rather I’m in the only part of London where there isn’t a McDonald’s within 100 metres of my office.

The only other time I’d want one of their breakfasts is after a night out, usually, and if I’ve had one of them the chances of me being ready for a breakfast by 10:30 are very low.

longer hours mcdonald's breakfast

But I love those breakfast wraps with brown sauce and two hash browns on the side with a latte. I love ’em! I want them for longer, and now it looks like my prayers have been answered.

From today – 12th June – a lowly seven McDonald’s restaurants will be trialling extending breakfast service until the lofty hour of 11am.

Yeah I know an extra half hour isn’t all that, but we’ll take what we can get for now.

11am mcdonald's breakfast

These seven restaurants are all located within Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, but given that this is a trial, if it’s successful, we can expect to see the extended breakfast rolled out across the country. For now, though, six weeks.

Who said Britain was a mess right now, eh?!

With every blessing comes a curse, though. I just made that up. Does it make sense? I’ll try something else…

When Your Hangover Is This Bad

For that one friend who drank way too much last night… 😂😷

Posted by The Hook on Sunday, August 6, 2017

This extended breakfast could be seen as a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing though – that’s better – as it means fans of the daytime McDonald’s menu will have to deal with waiting an extra half hour before they get to tuck into some chips and a Quarter Pounder.

Trouble in paradise, eh?

Nah it’s just half an hour. They’ll live.

mcdonald's breakfasts uk

Here’s where you can get yours for now:

Commercial Road, Portsmouth

Isle of Wight

Cosham, Portsmouth

IoW – Brading Road

Ocean Retail Park, Portsmouth

Fratton Park, Portsmouth

North Harbour, Portsmouth

Images via McDonald’s, Getty

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