McDonald’s Are Bringing Back Spicy McNuggets This Week

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 30.12.19

McDonald’s are bringing back their spicy nuggets and a lot of people are a lot of happy.

I’ve said it before – literally two articles ago – and I’ll say it again; spicy food is stupid and if you like it, that means you’re scientifically stupid.

That’s not actually scientifically proven, I’ll admit, but I’ll hang my hat on that one until the day I die. With that in mind, I’m not particularly overjoyed that McDonald’s are bringing back their spicy nuggets, but you clicked on this so you probably are.


I’ll reiterate; McDonald’s are bringing back the spicy nuggets that were oh so popular back in the summer of this year and you know, maybe the twenties won’t be the shitshow we were all worried they’d be.

They probably will be though.

mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets

The Spicy McNuggets were launched back in August of this year (2019 just in case you’re reading this in the future) and became favourite among punters countrywide, all flocking to the golden arches to get their fill of a lovely snack made arguably worse.


The pleasure was short-lived though, as the Spicy McNuggets were only a temporary addition to the McDonald’s menu, meaning after seven weeks, they were gone for good.

People mourned the loss of the spicy chaps and while I was a lot more bothered than the Grand Quarter Pounder was no longer with us, I did actually feel a bit bad when a friend of mine realised that he couldn’t order the nuggets anymore.


Good news though for Euan and many more like him, as the Spicy McNuggets are back in the new year, starting from Thursday 2nd January.


Regrettably, this stint is also temporary, as the nuggets will cease to be come four weeks later in February. McDonald’s do enjoy toying with us, don’t they?

This could be the global chain getting ready to release them permanently however, as in the UK, McDonald’s recently extended their breakfast hours to 11:00, rather than 10:30, and the spicy nuggets are already a permanent fixture on the Australian menu.

The price for these are the same as the non-spicy ones, meaning six for £3.19, nine for £3.49, or £4.99 for 20. The latter’s the best saving, isn’t it? May as well go for that.


You’ll want to wash them down with something though, and one savvy McDonald’s customer revealed how she gets her hands on free hot drinks…

Sierra Rose Beaulieu, 24, took to Twitter with her excellent life hack…


She wrote:

Life hack for McDonald’s coffee drinkers, when you order your coffee order a glass of hot water with it (or more than one) they give you the hot water in the coffee cup with the sticker on it to add to the card to get the 8th coffee free. You’re welcome.”

I mean that’s pretty genius, right?

Images via McDonald’s