McDonald’s Customers Are Noticing Something Hilariously Rude About Their New Cups

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Published 09.08.19

People are noticing something hilariously inappropriate about McDonald’s new see-through cups available in Japan.

Considering we’re currently in August, it’s weird to think that over in the UK, we’re more or less in the autumn of our summer.

We had it pretty good earlier on this season, with dangerously hot weather and before any Australians comment, “blimey cobba! You call that hot maaayyyyyyttee?!” like about 20 per article always do, things are subjective. It was hotter than what we’re used to.


Now though, we’re in the low-to-middling twenties on the thermometer and the knitwear is starting to look at us with anticipation from the dark recesses of our wardrobes.

For other countries though, summer is still very much on and August/September are actually considered hot. With that, over in Japan, McDonald’s have released a trio of new fizzy ice drinks.

They’re pretty popular, coming in Lemon Ginger, Blood Orange, and everyone’s favourite flavour, Blue Hawaii, but it’s not necessarily the taste that has everyone talking at the moment.

No, it’s the new cups.

What about the cups? Well they’re just more single-use plastic so it could be that – but isn’t – and they have a pretty cool aesthetic, but it’s the hidden third option that’s causing a stir.


You see, when placed within one-another, these cups can create either cute images or unintentionally dirty ones with the drawings printed on them.

Have a look…

Just can’t do right for doing wrong, can you?

This comes after Maccies revealed you’ll soon be able to get your own Quarter Pounder with two beef patties in it!


Before we get into this, I’ve got two things to say:


Firstly, this isn’t one of those “hacks” you see going viral on Twitter, with a couple of boys cheating the touchscreen ordering boards at a McDonald’s restaurant and making it so they get a free patty with their Quarter Pounder.

Secondly, yes ‘Half Pounder’ would make more sense, but whatever I’m not going to start pressing that.

The Quarter Pounder army is for sure a strong one, prioritising taste over volume – unlike those Big Mac goons – but it’s sometimes hard to watch them eat their big ol’ burger and not get a bit jealous sometimes.

Yes my burger is nicer than yours, but there’s less of it and that’s a shame.

Well now, according to The Mirror, that won’t be the case for much longer as, from the 7th of August, you’ll be able to order a double Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s.


The burger will set you back £4.29 on its own or £5.79, previously £6.98 if you were one of those people who got creative with their order, making everyone in the McDonald’s kitchen think you’re a dick.

There is bad news though, and that’s that the double Quarter Pounder will only be around for seven weeks (49 days) for some reason. I genuinely can’t imagine this burger not going down a storm, so I have no clue why they’re doing that. It’s not like they even have to get new ingredients in, just twice as many.

Good luck getting one.

Images via Twitter, McDonald’s