McDonald’s Fan Shows How To Make Cheese Melt Dippers At Home Using Just Four Ingredients

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Published 21.04.20

I never thought I’d say this but I actually miss McDonald’s.

Well, I say McDonald’s – I just mean they’re dangerously moreish cheese melt dippers.

Before lockdown (and before they were shockingly taken off the menu), my girlfriend and I would go through these little nuggets of crack like they were going out of fashion, often getting a sharebox and blitzing it, leaving little room for much else.

The point is, they’re unquestionably the best thing on the menu, and now, you can make them at home.

That’s because two TikTok users have only gone and created the seasonal menu staple then shared it online.

The recipe, which was shared last month by Rees Edwards-Caulier and his girlfriend Kristy, only requires four ingredients in total; a Babybel, breadcrumbs, flour and an egg.

In the clip, a female hand is seen whisking an egg in a container before rolling a Babybel in flour – she used self-raising flour in this case but apparently regular is also good.

After a coating in flour, she then rolled the cheese bite in egg and then Tesco’s Golden Breadcrumbs before frying in oil.

Once cooked you’re left with crispy cheese melt bites with a super gooey interior.

Find that lush tomato salsa dip thing and you’re quids in.

Since the video was shared on Rees’ page, it has been viewed over 2.4 million times and has secured thousands of comments.

One said: “[These] look delicious. It looks really good.”

Another added: “Damn these look good.”

And do you know what, they do look pretty good – maybe a bit sickly but so then again so were the OGs and that never put me off them.

Safe to say I’ll be trying this myself, but if they do look a bit rich to you, then why not create your own Krispy Kreme doughnuts or Creme Eggs – as people have demonstrated how to make recently.

It ain’t all bad this lockdown.

Images via TikTok