The kind-hearted footballer has been leading a campaign on Twitter for vulnerable children and those living in poverty to receive free meals.

McDonald’s is the latest to get involved, promising one million free meals for families who may be struggling over half term.

Marcus Rashford has been tweeting the names of restaurants who are promising free food to help those in need, in a heart-warming display of unity on Twitter.

The star striker has been raising awareness as well as helping out at food warehouses.

McDonald’s will provide funding to FareShare, a charity aiming to relieve food poverty in the UK. Rashford has also recently raised £20 million in funding for the charity so far.

The charity will use the money from McDonald’s to distribute food to families who are most in need.

The move comes just days after Marcus lost his attempt to secure free school meals this winter for children, after MPs rejected a motion that would have extended free school meals over the school holidays until Easter 2021.

The motion was rejected by 322 votes to 261, majority 61.