McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Cheese Melt Dippers Today

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Published 07.01.20

Find out how to get free cheese melt dippers today at McDonald’s right here.

If you haven’t already downloaded the My McDonald’s app, then why not? Have you not heard of their January ‘Appy Day promotions?

No?! God, you’ve been missing out. 

Let us let you in on what’s going on.


Until the 31st, McDonald’s is running a different deal every day for those who download the My McDonald’s app onto their mobile devices. And these deals aren’t the rubbish January offers that we’ve grown used to, they involve free food!

Who doesn’t love free food???

Yesterday, for example, you could get your hands on a McCafé hot drink of your choice (I’m a ‘Flat White’ man myself). And today, it’s their ever-popular cheese melt dippers that you can get your paws on for free.

McDonalds Cheese Dippers


I know you’re probably waiting for the catch, but really, there isn’t one! As long as you download the app and order the dippers in-between the times of midnight and 5am or 11am to 11:59am (write these time windows down before you forget), you will be gifted the snack free of charge.

Thursday’s offer has also been announced where you’ll be able to grab the brand-new chicken fajita wrap (crispy or grilled) or the spicy veggie wrap for just 99p. Seeing that I’m not a fan of the cheese dippers (simply because I don’t like cheese. Yes, I know I’m weird), this is the deal that I’m most looking forward to.


Although McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed every deal it’s offering through its My McDonald’s app, we do know that the fast-food chain will finish it’s ‘Appy day month with free cheeseburgers available on the 31st.

And when I go and visit my local McDonald’s store on Thursday to pick up one of their very underrated chicken fajita wraps (grilled because it’s January), I will also be picking up a box of Spicy McNuggets which recently made their big return. Around for a limited-time-only (Maccies love to tease us), the spicy version of their classic chicken bites are coated with a tabasco-based dip.


If you never got the chance to try the nuggets during last year’s hot girl summer, be sure not to miss this second opportunity – I promise you, you won’t regret it.

The app, naturally available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, is also useful to browse McDonald’s menu and to order on the go. So, go and download it!

Find out more about the My McDonald’s app on their official website right here.