McDonald’s is honestly the gift that keeps on giving.

With still five months until the festive period of generosity, the food chain has decided to treat us Brits to delicious, crispy nuggets with a bit of a spicy edge. 


I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m not going to question it. In fact, I’m about to go in my loft to find that calendar I got for Christmas from one of my mum’s friends, just to draw a nugget next to August 7th in black sharpie. Before the clock even hits 10:30am next Wednesday, I’ll already be front in line.

These godly, Spicy McNuggets have already been trialled in the US and Asia, while Australian branches have them on the menu permanently. Well, that’s given me even more of an excuse to travel to the other side of the world.

The UK version is a new specially developed recipe and is served with a tabasco dip for an extra hot and peppery taste. However, my mouth is watering imagining what they’d taste like dunked into a pot of sweet curry sauce. Mmmmm.


The only sad news is that they aren’t here for long. We only have seven weeks to scoff as many as we can. It’ll be plenty of time if you’re like me and give in to McDonald’s most weekends. We can do this.

The price for the nuggets are the same as the standard price for regular nuggets – £3.19 for six, £3.49 for nine and £4.99 for twenty. With only a £1.50 difference between nine and twenty Spicy McNuggets, it makes sense to do the right thing and opt for twenty. I know I will.

Festival goers at Y Not in Derbyshire were given the chance to try this new menu item, and Youtuber Mark Ferris teased his Instagram followers by posting a picture of him eating one.


“It may be cold @ynotfestival but @mcdonaldsuk are turning up the [flame emoji] I’ve been given exclusive access to the new Spicy Nugget van! You will NOT be disappointed. Launching in the UK soon!

It seems McDonald’s are really upping their game recently, and I’m totally here for it.

I wonder what else they may have in store for us.

Images via McDonald’s