For some people, their idea of a dream wedding consists of an elegant church ceremony, a big white dress, string quartet and beautiful flowers.

For others, they’d rather say their vows surrounded by Chicken Legends and McNuggets.

If you’re the latter (like me), then great news, as McDonald’s could soon be allowed to hold weddings at their nationwide restaurants.

A new law, aiming to modernise rules and regulations around wedding venues could see people getting married wherever they please, be that down the local boozer or in a Drive Thru. Each to their own?

The Law Commission has been pushing that bride-and-grooms-to-be should be given a much wider choice over their wedding ceremony location, and want to reform the current legislation.

Their plans to update outdated laws launched in September 2020, and the consultation process of the reforms closed earlier this week on January 4.

Current laws which date all the way back to the 19th century state that weddings should be restricted, allowing only certain venues to hold ceremonies.

However, the new plans would make any kind of venue a possibility, and we’re here for it.

At the moment, ceremonies have to take place at a place of worship or at a licensed venue, however, The Law Commission is hoping new laws will allow weddings to take place wherever happy couples wishes for it to be.

Sir Paul Coleridge, who is the Founder of The Marriage Foundation has stated that the new reforms should also help couples who are on a tighter budget.

He said: “The Law Commission’s exciting, new proposed reforms will relax many of the restrictions and open up the process so that couples can design their own wedding and tie the knot wherever they choose whether in their local church or local pub, a castle, a field or even in McDonald’s.

“We hope and believe that this will re-democratise marriage and weddings and usher in a new era of simpler, pared back ceremonies so that marriage will once again be for all.

“For far too long the perception has been growing that marriage is an out-of-date social arrangement reserved for the better off who can afford a lavish wedding and reception.

Historically this was never so. As recently as only fifty years ago everyone wanted to get married, and they normally did, whatever their financial position.”

If the laws are amended, this will be a huge step forward for those getting hitched! And if anyone decides to get married at McDonald’s, remember to post me an invite!

Image via Alamy