McDonald’s unveil new Christmas menu for 2019 featuring Millionaire’s Latte, Millionaire’s Donut and the return of the Mint Matchmaker McFlurry

McDonalds just McWon Christmas.

Let’s get real – it’s safe to say a fair few of us would scarcely describe McDonald’s food as ‘decadent’ when asked. And I’ll be really honest, every time I think of McDonald’s I just picture my friend Gemma (that’s not her real name) eating McDonald’s chips out of her stiletto at 4am in the middle of the road. That association has changed now I’ve seen their new Christmas menu.


If you have a sweet tooth, but don’t want to splash out mega bucks on elaborate new Christmas treats from the likes of Costa Coffee and Starbucks, then look no further than McDonald’s this Christmas.

McDonald’s new festive menu for 2019

McDonald’s new Christmas offerings are well presented, affordable, look tasty AF and are appropriately festive. I think Gemma might even consider eating a Millionaire’s Donut sat in McDonald’s in the middle of the day – with her shoes on.


The new menu boasts an array of delicious sweet treats and a few new tasty looking hot drinks that are giving me affordable Starbucks vibes.



New drinks

The Millionaire’s Latte seems to be McDonald’s game-changing hot drink for the festive season. The fast-food chain describes the drink as “a delicious latte, swirled with a Carmel biscuit syrup and topped with chocolate cream”. The other new drink to take note of is the Toffee Latte, “a smooth latte, blended with a sweet toffee syrup and topped with cream”. All hot drinks on the menu – those new and old – will be served in suitably festive paper cups this Christmas, for those hot an aesthetic finish.

McDonald's Millionaire's Latte
McDonald’s Millionaire’s Latte
McDonald's Toffee Latte
McDonald’s Toffee Latte


New treats

These new treats are going to make you want to start your meals with desserts this Christmas (Mum said that was a bad thing back in the day, but to be fair she hasn’t seen this menu yet). The star of the show is definitely the new Millionaire’s Donut – basically a millionaire shortbread lover’s dream – described as “an indulgent iced caramel doughnut with gooey caramel filling, topped with biscuit pieces and a dark cocoa drizzle”. The menu also boasts the additions of a Mixed Berry Muffin and a Chocolate Brownie; no elaborate description needed for those (tbh, they’re very much the supporting cast of this new menu).

McDonald's Millionaires Donus
McDonald’s Millionaires Donut

Mint Matchmaker McFlurry

McFlurry fans will be chuffed to hear that McDonalds plan to bring the Matchmakers cool mint McFlurry back on 20th November, in time for Christmas. I really need to speak to Mum now, ’cause she’s going to lose it over this one. The Matchmakers McFlurry will come in two different sizes; regular for just 99p and large for £1.39. Cheap as chips – that’s actually true in this case.




No news to report on any new festive savoury offerings from the popular fast-food chain as of yet, but we have no doubt they’ve got something delicious AF in store for us all. Here’s a throwback to last year’s beauts.

I should never write about McDonald’s before breakfast – I’m gagging for two portions of cheese bites and a Millionaire’s Latte now.

Images via McDonald’s, Twitter, Instagram and Getty