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Mechanic Fired After Bosses Find Coworkers Watching Her OnlyFans


Whatever your feelings on OnlyFans, there is no doubting that it may be extremely lucrative for those who submit content there.

If someone wishes to post something up there, it is their choice, and regardless of their day job, I believe they should not be punished for it.

Unfortunately, that is just what happened to Kirsten Vaughn, a mechanic fired after bosses find coworkers watching her OnlyFans.

Kirsten Vaughn Story

Kirsten Vaughn holding an engine
Kirsten Vaughn holding an engine

The 24-year-old was fired from her job as a mechanic trainee at Don Ayres Honda in Fort Wayne in February, but her story has since gone viral after she tweeted about it on Wednesday, April 22.

Vaughn tweeted with a video of herself at work: 'Really a pity they had to fire me for having my one and only fan page since I got down at my dealership. Here I am replacing the entire a/c system due to black death.'

While it is unknown how management discovered her account, word had begun to spread among her former coworkers following her mention of it in an Instagram story. Following that, men would gather around to watch the videos on her page, which they would then show to others in the business.

One even allegedly grabbed her while she was at work, according to Buzzfeed News.

Rather than disciplining individuals on the lookout, supervisors determined that it was her own fault for creating an OnlyFans account — and promptly fired her.

According to Vaughn, BuzzFeed News:

I had a coworker approach me and tell me how the salesmen were all huddled together in a group, and how he had approached the group and discovered they were on an OnlyFans page. And he stated that he was unaware it was me until they passed by a photograph of my face, at which point he stated, 'I've seen a lot of you.'

'That's absolutely fantastic, thanks. Demonstrating it to fucking everyone.' They would not stop talking about my page. I pleaded with them not to tell anyone, but they laughed in my face and said, 'Ha ha ha, we're assisting you in making money, shut up.'

Ms. Red, the budding mechanic's Twitter handle, has tweeted about her ordeal and received outpourings of support.

She has also stated that she is not depressed by the ordeal and intends to continue both of her chosen vocations.

Vaughn continued:

"I was an outstanding employee with an impeccable record who never got into problems. When I was at work and on the clock, I did my job and did it well. When I was at work, I was proper. I was dressed in my uniform. I carried out my responsibilities."


It demonstrates how sexworkers are not adequately protected. Additionally, a mechanic fired after bosses find coworkers watching her OnlyFans can be used as a lesson learned by individuals who do not wish to lose their job.

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