The esports industry is growing rapidly worldwide from million-pound players to dedicated esports university degrees – the UK scene is rising up to be a serious contender. But did you know there’s a whole new generation of esports stars that are earning a living from gaming, and who are inspiring gaming fanatics to turn their passion into a career.

Samsung KX has teamed up with some of the superstars of esports for ‘Meet the Game Changers’, a short documentary hosted by singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes, to find out just what it takes to make a living from playing games.

You’ll meet Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman, who – at just 15 years old – raked in over £1 million in prize winnings from playing games competitively in tournaments.

“My trophy that I got, only three people in the world have it” he says proudly, when Chelcee asked him what it was like winning a cool £1.5 million.

“Once I got home and the dust settled, I knew it was the start of my career” he says.

So, how many hours does it take to become a millionaire esports success? “12 hours, sometimes 6 hours, the more you put in the more results you’re gonna see” he says earnestly. This is Next Level Gaming.

As well as Wolfiez, the Samsung KX Next Level Gaming short documentary follows two other inspirational gamers, Matt ‘Deadly’ Smith, and Allie ‘Alliestrasza’ MacPherson. They show how they’ve taken their gaming to the next level and how esports are evolving.



Chelcee asked Deadly what he thinks some of the biggest misconceptions about gaming are.

“Gamers have no social life, maybe? It’s been the complete opposite for me. I’ve travelled to about 15 countries in the last year.”

Deadly has risen to fame playing ‘League of Legends’ and has now completely immersed himself in the gaming world, including living with other competitive gamers.

Alliestrasza is well known for her YouTube channel and for streaming on Twitch, and is keen to break the idea that gaming is just for boys.

“It’s definitely changing. There are certainly more female players now than there were when I started out.”

Gone are the days where spending hours gaming was just a waste of time, these talented teens show that esports can be quite the lucrative business if you’re willing to put in the effort.

To be the best, you need the best equipment too. Next Level Gaming features the new Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, and it’s a must-have piece of equipment that’s perfect for serious gaming, immersive viewing and productivity.

The Samsung Odyssey monitor range, which boasts Dual Quad HD resolution, 240hz refresh rate and 1000R, helps keep players deep in the action. The curved screen, (the new apex of screen technology) matches the contours of the human eye for unimaginable realism. It’s exactly what you need if you want to be like Wolfiez, Deadly and Alliestrasza and be at the top of your game.

If you want to find out more about how you could get into gaming and the setup you might need but you just don’t know where to begin in the world of esports, Samsung KX is the place for you.

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