Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, is reportedly making a documentary about his life and his relationship with his daughter before they became estranged.

Her father, Thomas Markle Snr, 76,  is saying the documentary will feature previously unseen home video footage. It will also include what he calls his favourite photo of his “baby girl”.

He explained he wants to explore the big questions like: “what happened to my baby girl” and “what went wrong”, he says.

It will look at his upbringing, including his time in Hollywood. He previously worked as a Daytime Emmy Award-winning lighting director.

He says the film will focus on “my life with Meghan”, from her earliest days and his memories of her childhood, until she entered the world of acting.

Mr Markle says he has teamed up with a cinematographer. He has ambitions to complete the film by the end of 2021.

He hopes it will be a more “complete” picture. Mr Markle previously took part in a film for Channel 5 last year.

He told the Sun:It begins with my life, my family, my love of theatre and television and how I got there. Then my life with Meghan, growing up, her school days until she went off to college, and when her career began.”

“We had a good life together, up through her first marriage and her move to Canada. Then a new story begins. It’s kind of like ‘What happened to my baby girl?'”

He claims the previous documentary wasn’t good enough: “It was not edited in the correct order, dates were wrong, and it had too much generic public domain film added. My documentary will have some new videos and my favourite photo of my ‘baby girl’ and we try to figure out what went wrong. I think we will do a good job.”

Legal Action

News of this documentary is bad timing for Meghan, as she is suing Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline. The claim has father at the centre of it, after a letter the Duchess wrote to Thomas Markle Snr in August 2018 was published. The letter was sent five months after he missed her wedding to Prince Harry.

Legal experts say her father could be called to testify if the case proceeds to a trial later this year. His evidence would be part of the Associated Newspapers’ defence.  Meghan has made an allegation of breach of privacy, copyright and data protection, according to documents filed at the High Court.

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