Men Ignore Their Partners 388 Times a Year With ‘Selective Hearing’, Study Finds

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Published 04.11.19

According to a recent study, men ignore their partners 388 times a year with ‘selective hearing.’

“You never listen to me” – a line us men are too used to hearing.

Well ladies, it turns out there may be some truth in the old ‘selective hearing’ theory as a new study by hearing care specialists Scrivens Opticians has revealed that men don’t hear what their partner is saying around 388 times a year. Which is (quick maths) more than once a day!


However, the study – carried out for National Audiology Awareness Month – also found that women aren’t much better. On average, women won’t hear what their partner is saying around 339 times (about six times a week). Bearing all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise to learn that 3/4 of Brits believe their partner really does have selective hearing.


All jokes aside, it seems that ‘selective hearing’ is most-likely a sign that your partner is having difficulty hearing (so go and apologise to them right now). This then explains why a 1/3 of those surveyed said they’ve spotted their partner attempting to lip-read what they’re saying. Deep.

Scrivens Hearing Loss Study Results:

  • 54% of people are concerned about their partners hearing
  • 40% of people suspect their partner has hearing difficulties 
  • 41% of people admit their partner avoids socialising 
  • 38% admit their partner finds socialising frustrating because they struggle to hear
  • 66% of people won’t wear a hearing aid because it either makes them look or feel old
  • 47% of people say their partner mumbles


Scrivens senior hearing aid audiologist Kirran Saimbi said of the findings: “Most of us will have experienced ‘selective hearing’ – either being the accused or the accuser. But joking aside, ‘selective hearing’ could be a sign of hearing loss. Left ignored, hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression and there is evidence of a link with dementia.

So, if you think that your ‘selective hearing’ could actually be an issue that’s a bit more…real, make sure to go and get checked out at your local opticians. Yes, I did say opticians. Why don’t you head down there now? And, don’t worry bringing your wallet, because hearing tests are free! (Something that a 1/3 of us had no idea about according to the poll.)

“The changes in our hearing are often so subtle and happen over time, that it can be very hard for us to notice the impact it’s having on our lives and those around us. That’s why regular hearing checks are so important,” Saimbi added.


“The earlier we can seek help for hearing loss the better, as it can prevent common side-effects such as social withdrawal and depression. Whether or not we suspect our hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, regular hearing checks are a good way of monitoring our ear health.

If you’re in two minds about the seriousness of your hearing loss, why don’t you take the Scrivens online hearing check challenge right here. It’ll certainly help you make a decision.

From all of us at The Hook, we’d like to say ‘hear well soon x’.

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