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Met Gala 2023 Most Hilarious Reactions You Need To See


The 2023 Met Gala has come and gone, and as always, it has sparked fierce debate and commentary on social media. These are the Met Gala 2023 most hilarious reactions you need to see!

The Funniest Reactions And Memes From The 2023 Met Gala

One of the biggest talking points of the event was the revamped carpet, which was designed to honor the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. However, not everyone was impressed with the beige and aqua striped design, with some suggesting that a brighter color like Chanel-core pink would have been more appropriate.

Met Gala 2023 revamped carpet compared to toothpaste by Twitter Users
Met Gala 2023 revamped carpet compared to toothpaste by Twitter Users

Twitter users were quick to flood the platform with memescomparing the carpet to everything from toothpaste to arcade games.

Tweet about the Met Gala 2023 as Togepi themed
Tweet about the Met Gala 2023 as Togepi themed

But the most interesting comparison was to the adorable Pokémon, Togepi.

Anna Wintour at the Met Gala 2023
Anna Wintour at the Met Gala 2023

Some suggested that Anna Wintour should consider a Pokémon theme for next year's event, citing the endless possibilities that could come from the franchise's various elements.

Despite the carpet controversy, the event itself was a massive success, with attendees bringing their A-game in honor of Lagerfeld's creative legacy. Many celebritiespaid tribute to Lagerfeld through their outfits, with several arriving in black-and-white, his favorite colors, complete with pearls and starched collars.

Doja Cat and Jared Leto dressed as Cats at the Met Gala 2023
Doja Cat and Jared Leto dressed as Cats at the Met Gala 2023

Some celebrities, such as Janelle Monáe and Jared Leto, even paid tribute to Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette.

Among the biggest stars in attendance was Met Gala regular Rihanna, who arrived in a silky white gown and hooded puffer jacket paired with fingerless gloves and sunglasses. Other notable attendees included Cardi B, Devon Aoki, and Jessica Chastain. However, the event wasn't just about the fashion, with Karlie Kloss and Serena Williams both taking the opportunity to announce their pregnancies.

Karlie Kloss at the Met Gala 2023 with her baby bump
Karlie Kloss at the Met Gala 2023 with her baby bump

But while the outfits delighted fans of fashion, the Internet crowd got busy with their Met Gala memes. From comparing the carpet to The Fairly OddParents to suggesting a Pokémon theme for next year, Twitter was awash with hilarious takes on the event.

Overall, the 2023 Met Gala was a celebration of creativity and self-expression, with attendees showcasing their unique styles in honor of Lagerfeld's legacy. And while the carpet may have been a point of contention for some, it was just one small element in a night filled with fashion, fun, and memes.

As always, the event was a testament to the power of fashion and self-expression, and we can't wait to see what next year's event will bring.


The 2023 Met Gala was another unforgettable night in the world of fashion, with celebritiesbringing their A-game to honor the creative legacy of Karl Lagerfeld. While the revamped carpet may have caused some controversy, it was just one small part of a night filled with memorable moments and stunning fashion choices.

From the black-and-white ensembles to the unexpected pregnancy announcements, the event was a testament to the power of self-expression and individuality.

Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.- Karl Lagerfeld

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