Millennials Were Asked If They Could Tell The Time On An Analogue Clock And The Responses Are Depressing

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Published 30.05.19
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Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles to find out if millennials could tell the time on an analogue clock and the answers and suitably depressing.

Jimmy Kimmel is definitely the less insufferable of the two, late-night Jimmys (Fallon being the other).

He’s made a habit of taking to the streets of Los Angeles to ask stupid people ridiculously simple questions and lo and behold, stupid people give stupid answers.

It’s a remarkably simple concept, yet one that continues to astound.

In his latest stunt, the host explained that when he was a kid, people learned how to tell time on an analogue clock in school. Same here.

But times have changed – literally – and millennials/Gen Z’ers have become accustomed to more digital ways of telling the time. Blame the iPhone and the like.

So can these young’uns actually tell the time the old way? There’s only one way to find out!

Predictably moronic stuff there from the people of LA.

Not to brand everyone in LA stupid but these people really aren’t doing your city any help.

One girl in the segment looks fearful as she was asked to read an analogue clock and immediately exclaims: “Oh no!” before turning to the interview to confirm that no, she cannot tell the time.

One young woman was an hour away from the correct time, while another refused to speak on camera to her university teachers, admitting they would be disappointed in her.

Another bloke looked like his head was going to explode when he was asked: AM or PM.

This is just another in a long line of recent ridiculous vids courtesy of JK, though.

The United Nations recently reported that vast numbers of species are set to go extinct if something isn’t done to combat climate change instantly.

But apparently, they’re a lot closer than I first thought, because some humans don’t even know what we actually are.

Kimmel sent out a reporter to find out whether people cared about the possible extinction of one species in particular – Homo sapiens, or “humans”, to give them a more recognisable name – and the answers are staggering.

The stupidity…

Highlights include:

“I saw one once – at the zoo. Furry …big …gorilla-looking. He was picking his watchadilly.”

“We have to find a way to live with the Homo sapiens in a way where they don’t affect us and we don’t affect them. Kinda like in a separation type of way.”

Humanity’s doomed isn’t it?

Images via YouTube/NBC/Jimmy Kimmel

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