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Minnesota Online Gambling In 2023

Residents of Minnesota now have greater access than ever before to Minnesota online gambling through the proliferation of out-of-state casino sites. While Minnesota has yet to legalize online casinos, there is an abundance of offshore sites to choose from.

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Residents of Minnesota now have greater access than ever before to Minnesota online gamblingthrough the proliferation of out-of-state casinosites. While Minnesota has yet to legalize online casinos, there is an abundance of offshore sites to choose from.
These casinos located outside of Minnesota provide a secure alternative for Minnesotans to enjoy their favorite games, such as blackjack and slot machines. What then is there to know about wagering in Minnesota? Indeed, quite a bit!
This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth analysis of gambling in Minnesota, including its legal status, historical background, and the current locations of the best online casinos accessible to Minnesota residents.

Online Gambling In Minnesota

Minnesota has lagged behind other states in introducing or passing top online casinos laws. The main reason is resistance from anti-gambling organizations and the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, which works to safeguard the tribes' near-monopoly on gaming activities in the state.
Minnesota legislators are unlikely to enact an online casinogaming bill anytime soon. A sports betting law with an internet component is more possible, but the tribes would have to make considerable concessions to support it.

Minnesota Gambling Age

Minnesota's gambling landscape is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, ranging from charitable endeavors to the glitz and glamour of tribal and commercial casinos.
The state's approach to age restrictions reflects a commitment to responsible gaming practices and ensuring that individuals engaging in these activities are legally eligible.

Charitable Gambling And State Lottery

Minnesota extends an invitation to those who are interested in the allure of charitable gambling, such as bingo, raffles, and pull-tabs. This inclusive age limit allows a broad spectrum of participants to contribute to worthy causes while trying their luck in a variety of charitable gaming offerings.

Casino Gambling

Stepping into the world of tribal and commercial casinos in Minnesota requires a minimum age of 21. This age restriction encompasses the full range of casinoactivities, from the jingling slot machines to the strategic tables of poker and other popular table games.
By setting the legal age at 21, the state aims to create an environment where individuals are more likely to approach casino gaming with a level of maturity and responsibility.
Understanding these age distinctions is crucial for both gaming enthusiasts and the establishments themselves. It ensures compliance with state regulations and promotes a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.
While these age limits were accurate as of my last update in January 2022, it's advisable to consult the latest information from official sources, such as the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division, to stay informed about any potential changes in gambling age regulations.
In essence, Minnesota's approach to gambling age requirements strikes a balance between inclusivity and responsible gaming practices, reflecting the state's commitment to fostering a diverse yet safe gaming environment for residents and visitors alike.
People are gambling in casino.
People are gambling in casino.
Players seeking a comparable experience to online casino applications in New Jersey will have to travel to adjacent states, as online mobile casino wagering is not permitted in Minnesota.
Multiple online social casinos are accessible to residents; these establishments provide amusement value in the form of free online slots and table games, where no actual money is exchanged.
The tribal casinos of the state maintain affiliations with a limited number of social casinos. Through their websites or mobile applications, additional prominent social casino sites like Luckyland and Chumba can be accessed. Superior social casinos as rated by are enumerated before you.
In 2015, a legislative resolution by the Minnesota legislature revoked the authorization for online sales of lottery and eScratch tickets.
While casinos are not legal in Minnesota, tribal casinos are permitted to operate on tribal property inside Minnesota's borders under the Indian Gaming Regulation Act of 1988 (IGRA). The casino age in Minnesota is 18, in line with all other legal minimum gambling ages.
Following the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act into federal law in 1988, Minnesota signed the first of several tribal compacts with local tribes in 1989, allowing the construction of tribal land-based casinos. To far, 11 tribes in Minnesota have signed compacts with the state, allowing the 40 casinos to operate.
The tribal-state compacts not only enable tribes to establish casinos, but they also specify the games they may provide. Tribal casinos are only permitted to provide video slot machines, electronic pull tabs, and a restricted amount of card table games such as blackjack under existing compacts.
Minnesota's tribal casino sector is very profitable, and with 40 casinos now in operation, there is a solid hunger for casino gaming in the state as well.
However, with northern neighbors like as North Dakota and Canada recently permitting new casinos to operate, there is a possibility that some business may be drawn away from Minnesota's casinos.

Minnesota Gambling Laws

Minnesota's gambling landscape is intricately woven with legal complexities, steering the course for both land-based and online gaming enthusiasts.
In the state's rich tapestry of gambling options, the focal point is the presence of 21 tribal casinos and an additional 21 smaller Indian gaming establishments, all operating under the umbrella of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988).
The regulatory authority overseeing lawful gambling in Minnesota, including poker, is the Gambling Control Board.
Yet, the regulatory framework, as encapsulated in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 349, presents a conspicuous absence of provisions for online poker regulation, categorically deeming it impermissible within the state.

In-person Casinos

The plethora of 21 tribal casinos dispersed across Minnesota provides a robust array of gaming experiences, featuring slots, blackjack, bingo, and even poker rooms in certain establishments.
The likes of Little Six Casino in Prior Lake stand as testaments to the diverse offerings available within the tribal casino landscape.

In-person Poker

Minnesota's poker enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as poker enjoys legal status within the state. Tribal casinos enhance the poker experience by partnering with specialized card clubs like Canterbury Park and Running Aces, which host poker games and tournaments, enhancing the thriving live poker scene.

Online Casinos

Minnesota's stance on online casinos is unequivocal – they are not legally sanctioned to operate within state boundaries. The absence of concrete legislation has left the digital gambling space untouched, leading state residents seeking online gaming thrills to explore reputable offshore platforms.

Online Poker

In tandem with online casinos, online poker grapples with a lack of legal recognition within Minnesota. The vacuum in state provisions has spurred the emergence of offshore alternatives, becoming the preferred arena for residents eager to engage in online poker battles.
A thriving offline gambling industry with tribal casinos as its anchor and an underground current of online gamblers navigating offshore waters for their gaming fix are the results of regulatory inertia in Minnesota regarding the legalization of online gambling, including poker.
The juxtaposition of these two realms is a testament to the nuanced fabric defining Minnesota's approach to gambling.

Gambling Casinos In Minnesota

Embark on a thrilling journey through the top-notch social casinos that adorn the gaming landscape of the North Star State.
These recommendations promise a blend of excitement, rewards, and immersive gameplay, offering Minnesota players a diverse array of options for their online gaming pursuits.


WowVegas, with its debut in 2021, stands tall as a legal and exhilarating social casino across the United States, including Minnesota. It beckons players with a genuine Vegas experience, featuring a repertoire of slots, table games, and live dealer titles for both mobile and desktop enthusiasts.
Join the WowVegas community to claim a bountiful offering of 1.5 million WOW coins along with 30 free sweepstakes coins.

Pulsz Casino

Launched in 2020, Pulsz Casino emerges as another player-favorite social casino, boasting an array of games encompassing slots, poker, and popular table games.
Seamlessly playable on both desktop and mobile, Pulsz Casino extends a warm welcome with an offer of up to 367,000 gold Coins and 32.3 Free Sweepstakes. The allure doesn't stop there, as a rewarding loyalty program adds to the gaming delight.

High 5 Casino

Since its debut in 2012, High 5 Casino has etched its mark in the Minnesota iGaming realm. Powered by the renowned High 5 Games, this social casino captures attention with a plethora of games, robust customer support, and enticing daily rewards.
Positioned as one of the top sweepstakes sites in the North Star State, High 5 Casino beckons players to a world of gaming excellence.

McLuck Casino

Minnesota players strike gold with McLuck Casino, a popular sweepstakes gaming site offering accessible play with a simple touch. Mobile capabilities bring hundreds of free, quality slots to the fingertips of enthusiasts.
Registering with McLuck unlocks a trove of rewards, including a generous welcome bonus of up to 57,500 Gold coins and 27.5 Sweepstakes coins – all without making an initial deposit.

Stake Casino

Stepping into the realm of cryptocasinos, Stake emerges as a frontrunner, launched in 2017. Tailored for players reveling in digital currencies, Stake accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.
The gaming repertoire spans slots, table games, and live casino titles, delivering an inclusive experience on desktop and mobile. Upon registration, players are greeted with a welcome bonus of $25 free Stake cash, along with 250K gold coins.

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins, a recent addition to the social casino scene in Minnesota, ushers in games catering to all player types, from slots enthusiasts to poker and table game lovers.
Optimized for mobile play, this newcomer extends a hearty welcome with a claimable bounty of 20,000,000 Gold Coins and $50 in free coins. Existing players, too, are in for a treat with ongoing bonuses and promotions.

Originating as a renowned US casino in 2018, BetRivers transitioned seamlessly to the online sphere with Minnesota players find themselves immersed in a world of favorite slots, table games, and live dealer delights.
The allure extends further with a new account bonus of $$1,000 in virtual credits, coupled with a 200% boost using the code 200MATCH.

Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots, a casino dedicated to the art of slots, weaves a vibrant and entertaining experience. Since its launch in 2015, it has continuously developed, providing a wide range of games suitable for all players, especially those who enjoy playing slots.
The desktop and mobile platforms host the gaming spectacle, and new registrants are greeted with the allure of 200 free spins.

Making waves since 2022, takes center stage in Minnesota's social and online sweepstakes gaming arena.
Infused with a cryptocurrency concept, this platform offers a diverse portfolio of quality slots, presenting an impressive sweepstakes platform.
Players embarking on their journey receive an unlimited free chance to win BTC, ETH, or USDT.

Golden Hearts Casino

Golden Hearts Casino, launched in 2020, emerges as a contender vying for the hearts of Minnesota players. Offering a gamut of games, including slots and table games catering to diverse budgets, this casino ensures a delightful mobile experience.
The welcome bonus beckons with the offer to bet $10 and get $10 free, accompanied by an additional $5 free with the bonus code.
Embark on your gaming odyssey with these top-tier social casinos, each presenting a unique flavor to suit the diverse palate of Minnesota players.
Whether you seek the allure of Vegas, crypto-infused adventures, or classic casino delights, the North Star State's gaming galaxyawaits your exploration.

FAQs - Minnesota Online Gambling

Online gambling in Minnesota is restricted, with current laws prohibiting the operation of online casinos within the state. However, discussions persist in the House and Senate regarding potential legalization.

Are There Any Online Casinos Based In Minnesota?

No, online casinos are not legally allowed to operate within Minnesota. The state primarily hosts tribal casinos on tribal lands, and any online gambling enthusiasts resort to trusted offshore sites.

What Governing Body Oversees Online Gambling In Minnesota?

The Gambling Control Board is the regulatory authority overseeing lawful gambling activities in Minnesota, including poker. However, there are no provisions for regulating online poker within the existing statutes.
While poker is legal in Minnesota, the current legal framework does not permit online poker. Tribal casinos and card clubs, such as Canterbury Park and Running Aces, offer in-person poker options.

Are There Any Ongoing Efforts To Legalize Online Gambling In Minnesota?

Yes, ongoing talks in the House and Senate indicate a potential shift in the landscape of online gambling in Minnesota. The discussions focus on the legalization of online gambling, offering hope for a change in the state's stance towards online casino operations.

Final Words

Currently, there are legal restrictions on the Minnesota online gambling industry, which forbids online casinos from operating there. The thriving presence of tribal casinos on tribal lands dominates the gambling scene.
However, ongoing talks in the House and Senate suggest the potential for changes, hinting at the prospect of legalizing online gambling. As discussions continue, Minnesota enthusiasts seeking online gaming experiences often turn to trusted offshore sites.
The future may see a transformation in the state's stance on online gambling, but for now, the options remain limited within the established legal framework.
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