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Rise Of Minnesota Sports Gambling

As sports enthusiasts seek ways to engage more deeply with their favorite teams and events, the landscape of Minnesota sports gambling is a topic of growing interest.

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Minnesota, known for its passionate sports culture, has seen a significant evolution in the realm of sports gambling.
As sports enthusiasts seek ways to engage more deeply with their favorite teams and events, the landscape of Minnesota sports gamblingis a topic of growing interest.
From the legal framework to the latest developments in the industry, this overview delves into the world of sports gambling, shedding light on the current state of affairs and what the future may hold for Minnesota residents eager to participate in this exciting pastime.

Sports Gambling In Minnesota

Sports fans in Minnesota are out of luck, since gambling on sports is now illegal there. As there are multiple big national sports teams situated in Minnesota such as the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Wild it appears at odds to the state's sports loving character that people are not yet allowed to gamble on their favorite teams.
Both in-person and online sports bettinghave been the subject of legislative efforts in Minnesota in recent years. SF1894 is a measure that has been considered by the state legislature and gaming stakeholders many times since it was first introduced in 2018.
The Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) has lately spoken out against the legalization of sports betting due to concerns that it would take business away from brick-and-mortar casinos.
Legislators in Minnesota have included an amendment to SF1894 in an effort to please MIGA, which would compel gamblers to open mobile sports wagering accounts in person at a casinoor racetrack.
It is in Minnesota's best interest to legalize sports betting as soon as possible in order to stay competitive in the gaming sector now that neighboring states like Iowa have legalized mobile sports betting.
One aspect of sports gambling that has been permitted in the Bread and Butter state for decades is pari-mutuel betting on horse racing. In-person pari-mutuel wagering on horse races has been legal in Minnesota since the 1980s. There are now just two racetracks in Minnesota where gamblers may place in-person wagers on horse races.
In 2020, however, pari-mutuel betting on horse races via the Internet became permitted, allowing punters to make wagers from the convenience of their own homes.
Minnesota's gambling laws, as delineated in Minnesota Statutes 349.11, carve a distinct line between legal and illegal wagering. The definition of illegal gambling encompasses activities such as making a bet, possessing an unlicensed gambling device, and facilitating the use of a structure as a gambling place.
An intriguing facet of Minnesota's legal framework is its explicit allowance for "games of skill" to be exempt from state laws. This exemption includes skill-based card games like Texas Hold'em, provided the contest yields no direct benefit to the promoter.
Amidst the legal distinctions, each form of permissible gaming is governed by specific state statutes, securing their legality and exemption from prohibitions outlined in the state's criminal code.
The gambling landscape in Minnesota boasts robust economic contributions, notably from tribal casinos, which alone generated a substantial $3.72 billion economic footprint in 2019 and supported nearly 30,000 jobs. The recent addition of online pari-mutuel betting is poised to further enhance the economic impact, particularly in the realm of horse race wagering.
Taxes cast a shadow on gambling winnings in Minnesota, with all such winnings considered taxable income. Residents are required to declare their gambling income during annual tax filings, subject to applicable tax rates.
The lottery introduces an additional layer of complexity, demanding players to allocate an extra 24% for federal taxes on winnings exceeding $5,000, along with a 7.25% state tax.
There are approximately 5,640,000 people who participate in gambling in Minnesota, and Mystic Lake Casino is a well-liked gambling establishment. The Minnesota Gambling Control Board oversees gambling activities, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Looking ahead, the economic outlook for gambling in Minnesota appears positive. The thriving tribal casino market, comprising 40 casinos, serves as a significant revenue generator. The potential threat lies in the introduction of land-based casinos in neighboring states, posing competition for Minnesota's casino market.
The recent legalization of online pari-mutuel betting in 2020 sets the stage for potential advancements in the gambling landscape. A bill proposing the legalization of all forms of sports betting is currently under consideration by the state legislature.
However, concerns from the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA) about the impact on land-based casino activities have sparked a debate. If a compromise is reached, the legalization of sports betting, both in-person and online, could be on the horizon for the North Star State.

Minnesota Sports Gambling

Minnesota is currently in the deliberation phase of legalizing sports betting, a topic of interest among lawmakers, gaming stakeholders, and the general public. The state is considering various proposals and legislative changes to allow for the legalization and regulation of sports gambling.
The legislative efforts include considering in-person betting at casinos and potentially online or mobile betting platforms to balance a competitive market with concerns about the impact on existing gaming establishments.
Tribal involvement is a significant aspect of Minnesota's sports betting landscape, and any decision on sports betting will likely involve collaboration with tribal nations. The legalization of sports gambling has the potential to create a new revenue stream for the state, contributing to public initiatives like education and infrastructure projects.
Public opinion on sports gambling in Minnesota is diverse, with some viewing it as a recreational activity that could enhance entertainmentoptions and others expressing concerns about potential negative impacts, such as problem gambling. Striking a balance between responsible gambling and addressing stakeholder interests is a key consideration for policymakers.
The future of sports gambling in Minnesota is still unfolding, with the outcome largely dependent on how well the state can address various stakeholder interests and concerns.

Online Gambling Minnesota

In the expanse of Minnesota, the casino landscape unfolds exclusively on tribal territories, a distinctive feature governed by compacts negotiated between the Native tribes and the state. With 11 tribes at the helm, the tribal casinos in Minnesota stand as bastions of the gambling experience within the state's borders.
An intriguing facet of Minnesota's gambling narrative lies in its current prohibition of online casinogaming. As the legal tableau takes shape, the spotlight is on the tribal powerhouses, poised to transition into the digital domain once the Senate waves the wand of legalization and regulation.
The anticipation lingers, and enthusiasts are hopeful that the corridors of the best Minnesota online casinos will echo with activity by the close of 2023 or the dawn of the coming year.
With assistance from the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA), the Minnesota Gambling Control Board and gaming commission will likely monitor and regulate internet gambling in Minnesota.
Gambling Enforcement should undertake criminal and gaming license background checks and investigations, and it presently monitors compliance concerns at Minnesota's 19 tribal casinos.
A man is watching live betting on mobile phone and laptop.
A man is watching live betting on mobile phone and laptop.

Key Points

  • Tribal Dominance- The exclusive domain of tribal lands hosts the thriving casino ecosystem in Minnesota, a testament to the compacts empowering the Native tribes with control over the state's gambling milieu.
  • Online Casino Prohibition- In the digital realm, the curtains remain drawn, marking online casino gaming as illegal within the confines of Minnesota. The absence of a legal framework holds back the virtual tide, leaving enthusiasts to seek their gaming thrills in the physical realm.
  • Legislative Conversations- In the hallowed halls of the House and Senate, ongoing discussions echo with the prospect of altering the online gambling landscape in Minnesota. The talks dance around the potential legalization, injecting a sense of anticipation into the state's gambling narrative.
  • Tribal Online Ventures- The pulse of change quickens with the envisaged legalization, with tribal casinos poised as pioneers to venture into the online domain. The transition holds the promise of reshaping the Minnesota gambling experience, bringing the allure of digital casinos to the forefront.
  • Future Glimpse- Peering into the crystal ball of speculation, enthusiasts await the potential unraveling of online casinos in Minnesota, a vision painted on the canvas of hope and legislative progress. The denouement, perhaps, awaits at the threshold of 2023, as the digital frontier beckons for transformation.

Minnesota Gambling Control

The Minnesota Gambling Control Board (GCB) is responsible for overseeing the state's gambling landscape, ensuring the integrity, legality, and responsible conduct of various activities. It oversees charitable gambling, licensing, and compliance matters, ensuring fairness in games like bingo, pull-tabs, and raffles.
The GCB negotiates compacts with tribal nations, defining revenue-sharing agreements and regulatory standards for tribal casinos. For commercial casinos, the GCB oversees licensing processes, scrutinizing operators for integrity, financial stability, and compliance with state regulations.
The GCB's mission is to promote responsible gambling practices, focusing on protecting vulnerable individuals, preventing underage gambling, and addressing problem gambling through educational programs and support services.
The board balances the economic benefits of gambling with the public's well-being. The GCB distributes gambling revenue to support community development, education, and public services.
The GCB enforces strict adherence to gambling laws and regulations, investigating complaints, conducting audits, and taking appropriate actions against entities found in violation.
This fosters a gambling environment that is transparent, fair, and accountable to the public's interests. Stakeholders are encouraged to engage directly with the GCB for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Best Minnesota Online Sportsbooks


DraftKings Sportsbook stands out as a premier sportsbook in the American market, known for its exceptional daily fantasy sports platform. While Minnesotans can enjoy the fantasy sports side, the sportsbook is eagerly anticipated upon the legalization of sports betting.
The DraftKings app boasts high ratings and a seamless experience, offering new users a competitive $1,000 deposit match and a $50 free bet upon launch in the state.


FanDuel Sportsbook, renowned for its daily fantasy offerings, has emerged as a strong player in the sports betting arena. Post-acquisition by Flutter Entertainment, FanDuel delivers an impressive sports betting experience through its user-friendly app and desktop site.
With a sleek design and an extensive range of wagers, FanDuel is set to offer a $1,000 no-sweat bet as a welcome bonus to Minnesota bettors upon legalization.


BetMGM, operated by MGM International Resorts in partnership with Entain, is a multifaceted platform covering sports betting, casino, and poker. Despite a slightly slower navigation, the app stands out for its diverse wagering options, robust support, and attractive promotions.
The anticipated $1,000 first bet offer upon launch in Minnesota positions BetMGM as a significant player in the state's sports betting landscape.


Caesars Sportsbook, following its acquisition of William Hill, has entered the mobile application scene with a clean and modern interface.
Backed by the reputable Caesars brand, the app offers a classic look with a wide array of wagers, including international bets. While the platform lacks consistent ongoing promotions, its $1,250 first bet offer, likely to extend to Minnesota, makes Caesars an enticing choice for bettors in the state.


BetRivers, previously known as SugarHouse, has gained popularity in the U.S. market, leading in market size in Illinois. Despite some technical issues affecting speed, BetRivers compensates with competitive odds-pricing, strong support, promotions, and an extensive range of wagers.
The platform's current $250 deposit match bonus, set at a 100% match rate, is expected to extend to Minnesota upon the legalization of sports betting in the state.

FAQs About Minnesota Sports Gambling

What Sports Can I Bet On In Minnesota?

Minnesota residents can place bets on a variety of sports, including popular ones like football, basketball, baseball, and more. However, the specific sports available for betting may vary by sportsbook and the events they cover.

Are There Mobile Apps For Sports Gambling In Minnesota?

Yes, many sportsbooks offer mobile apps that allow users in Minnesota to conveniently place sports bets using their smartphones or tablets. These apps provide a user-friendly interface and often include additional features such as live betting.
As of now, online sports gambling is not legal in Minnesota. While there have been discussions about potential legalization, individuals should follow updates on state laws and regulations to stay informed about any changes regarding the legality of online sports betting.

Can I Bet On College Sports In Minnesota?

Yes, betting on college sports is generally allowed in Minnesota. However, some states may have restrictions on betting on college teams within the state or specific types of college events, so it's essential to be aware of any such regulations.

Are There Any Promotions Or Bonuses For Sports Gambling In Minnesota?

Many sportsbooks offer promotions and bonuses to attract new users and reward existing ones. These promotions may include welcome bonuses, free bets, or enhanced odds. Users in Minnesota should check with individual sportsbooks for the latest promotional offers available to them.

Final Thoughts

The world of Minnesota sports gambling reflects the ever-growing interest in blending sports fandom with the thrill of wagering.
While online sports gambling is currently under scrutiny, the state's rich sports tradition, including professional and college events, provides ample opportunities for enthusiasts to participate in legal sports betting activities.
As Minnesota continues to navigate the intricacies of sports gambling legislation, residents can expect the landscape to evolve, offering new avenues for engaging with their favorite teams and athletes.
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