‘Miranda’ Is Returning For A One-Off TV Special This Year

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 19.07.19
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Everyone’s doing a Christmas special this year.

At what point does the word ‘special’ just become redundant and it’s just Christmas ‘episode.’

James Corden – annoying late night TV host and horrifying star of Cats – recently tweeted his good news about the one-off episode, with set photos quickly following.

And now Miranda’s at it – big, tall bloody lovely Miranda – although this looks to be an anniversary special rather than a Crimbo one.

The eponymous hero of the spectacle has revealed that Miranda is set to return for a 10th anniversary special this year- four years after the sitcom came to a close.

She took to Twitter to share the thrilling news that she and some “special guests” will return for a one-off, writing:

Hello to you – I am with news. So, in November it will be 10 years since the first episode of Miranda aired. We are 10! And we have decided to have a party.

“The Miranda cast on and off screen are all about play, being free to be ourselves and silliness, so we are amazed and delighted that BBC One have agreed that our celebrations will be recorded as a one hour special later in the year.

Adding: “I will keep you posted, but I suspect there might just be some special guests, probably the odd bit of dancing, definitely some drinks and nibbles.

“And you know what I hope it will be – SUCH FUN for us, but more importantly for you, all you lovely friends of the show for whom I shall be forever grateful for your support.

“See you soon,” she concluded.

The beloved series – which revolves around socially awkward Miranda getting herself in all manner of bother – ended on New Year’s Day in 2015 after six years on air.

Speaking earlier this week star Sarah Hadland, who played best pal Stevie Sutton, touched upon the reunion.

She told The Sun: “It’s quite a big milestone, we’re all quite shocked. We’re hopeful that Miranda will make some more.”

This came after sources close to the comedian hinted she was keen to revisit the role.

An insider told the publication: “It was the show that made Miranda a star and is close to her heart.

“She is passionate about the cast and has spent months organising their schedules so they are all in the same country.”

As mentioned, it’s supposed to arrive later this year.

It’ll definitely be Christmas though won’t it? An infamously mundane and non-eventful time of year that’s suddenly looking a bit more exciting.

If Ricky Gervais announced another The Office Christmas special I’m going to implode.

Images via BBC