Miriam Margoyles isn’t exactly one to mince her words and she let loose on today’s Good Morning Britain.

The Harry Potter actress and comedian made it clear she has very strong feelings towards Boris Johnson’s handling of Covid, and that she despises Donald Trump’s existence.

This follows the controversial comments she made last May after BoJo caught the virus, saying she “wanted him to die” from it.

However, Miriam, 79, has upheld her views and slammed his handling of the pandemic here in the UK.

Speaking earlier today on GMB, she said: “You’ve got that clown in charge there that I didn’t vote for and I’m holding him responsible for a lot of this mess.”

Speaking to the show’s co-hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard from her home in Italy, she said she wasn’t returning to the UK until it is safe.

When asked about the vaccine, Miriam branded anti-vaxxers as “nuts” and said she would of course be getting the Covid jab as soon as it’s available for her.

She stated: “They [anti-vaxxers] need their heads seen to, it’s ridiculous.

“I’m hoping to get a vaccine as soon as possible, I’m 79 so I’m not quite 80 yet, I’ll be 80 in May and I may be able to have it in Italy before I come [back to the UK].”

Miriam added: “I’m not going to England until it’s safe to go.”

As well as this, the British-Australian actress reacted to the horrific events currently happening over in America, as President Donald Trump faces his second impeachment following the violent Capitol riots that happened last week.

“I’m astonished and disgusted”, she said, explaining that she has a wonderful nickname for the soon-to-be-ex POTUS.

Miriam said: “Let’s say it ends with “hole” and starts with an “a”.

“He’s a dangerous man, he’s a facist… It looks as if there was planning and a conspiracy before the invasion.”

She added of his supporters: “They need to be smacked.”

Asked about her opinion on the future of the US, the intelligent interviewee said: “It’s going to take a long time. I think it’s a residue of the civil war.

“I had the pleasure of meeting all those people from the rust belt who voted for Trump and I knew then he was going to get in.”

In May last year, Miriam shocked comedy TV show The Last Leg viewers when she said of the Prime Minister: “I had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die.

‘I wanted him to die. Then I thought that will reflect badly on me and I don’t want to be the sort of person that wants people to die.

“So then I wanted him to get better, which he did do, he did get better.

“But he didn’t get better as a human being. And I really would prefer that.”

Ofcom launched an investigation after receiving complaints but eventually dropped the case, and Miriam has since added she doesn’t regret what she said.

Image via Alamy