Witnesses to a teenager falling into the Thames from Tower Bridge have described what happened.

A thirteen-year-old boy was reportedly on his way to Ark Globe Academy in Elephant and Castle, South London, when he fell off Tower Bridge. The incident has been connected to a missing person report.

Witnesses have now described what happened, and the heroic act of a woman who attempted to save the child.

Witness statements

The boy appeared to get off a bus taking him to school early, and reports state that they fell into the Thames at approximately 8 am.

One person close to the scene was brave enough to grab a float and try to help the teenager. An eye witness who was working on a building site on the South Bank described to The Sun how the event unfolded:

“We all heard him screaming for help. Then a woman who was just walking past with her boyfriend grabbed a float and jumped into the river.”

“She said ‘why isn’t anybody helping him’ before jumping in herself.”

“The woman jumped in seconds after but all she could bring back was his school jacket and his bag.”

“I saw police going through the bag and it had his school books and stationery in it, he was clearly very young.”

The search for the teenager is now set to continue.

In a letter to parents, Principal of Ark Globe Academy, Matt Jones detailed what they knew about the incident:

“It is with worry that I share news about [pupil’s name], a Year 8 student at Ark Globe Academy.”

“On the morning of Tuesday 20 April, (he) did not make his way into school despite travelling on a bus with a friend in full school uniform.”

“He got off the bus near Tower Bridge before his usual bus stop nearest to Ark Globe Academy and fell into the River Thames.”

“At this moment in time, police are treating this case as a ‘missing persons’ incident.”

Next steps

The City of London Police have launched an “intensive search” for the child, and a spokesperson discussed what action would be taken.

The police spokesperson stated:

“City of London Police is leading an investigation into a missing person, working alongside our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service.”

“We believe this is linked to an incident where a child fell into the Thames from Tower Bridge. Despite an intensive search by City of London Police, the police helicopter and marine units, this person has not yet been found.”

Many will hope that this investigation sheds light on the developing situation.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the missing teenager.

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