Model With Crazy-Thick Eyebrows Speaks Out About Receiving Threats On Her Life

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird, World
Published 13.03.19
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Sophia Hadjipanteli, 22, recently made headlines by essentially being a model with huge eyebrows.

Like if you think Cara Delevingne or Emilia Clarke have thick eyebrows then think again, because they don’t come close to Sophia.

Not that that’s a bad thing, Sophie is clearly very beautiful and has made a living by rocking her “monobrow”, but a lot of people have something against her even though all she’s doing is living her life.

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A Cypriot-born immigrant who moved to London and then the US, the 22-year-old has landed huge modelling gigs with the likes of Vogue Italia and Rihanna’s SAVAGE X FENTY collab.

She recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss her career, and said that she does struggle with online trolls, with some even threatening her life…

She told Susannah Reid:

It’s a bit of a shame when you want to read the nice ones, to have to go through all the mean ones – but it’s worth it, I think.

She went on to say that while there was no one clear-cut moment where she decided to stop plucking her eyebrows, she was always bullied at school for various reasons, such as having foreign parents, dressing eccentrically and so on.

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I love flowers

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I never really based my self-confidence on how others treated me, because at school I was bullied at lot for things that were not focused on my face – my outfit, having parents that were immigrants, we didn’t speak English, being the smallest in my class.

Growing up in a conservative area of Maryland, being different isn’t really accepted so that – I hate to say bullying – but I think that sort of challenged me.

While Hadjipanteli does receives threats on her life, she said that she tries her utmost to only take notice of the nice comments that she gets from fans.

In a unexpected twist, Piers Morgan liked the look, saying it was “weirdly beguiling”.

How lovely.

It is a colossal shame that Sophia has to deal with idiots on the internet threatening her literally just because she has thick eyebrows. How little joy do you have to have in your life when it gets to the point that you’re scrolling through Instagram, see a picture of a young woman with a monobrow and think “she better pluck that or I’m going to threaten her.”

Absolutely pathetic.

Images via Instagram, ITV