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Mom Issues Warning To Anyone Who Sees Sinister 'X' Marked On Car


A mom issues warning to anyone who sees sinister 'X' marked on car. Wallasey, Merseyside resident Laura Morgan said she first spotted the peculiar markings on her car two months ago but at first didn't think anything was wrong.

In fact, she believed her kids had drawn them. When she took off the markings, she discovered that they only appeared at night, which ruled out her children as the culprits. Now, mom issues warning to anyone who sees sinister 'X' marked on car.

She told:

It took almost two months for me to even realise what was happening, I thought it was kids at first, but it was happening between the hours of 10pm and 6am.- Laura Morgan

She is now teaching others the symbols so that they will be aware of any potential threats to their homes and safety.

A report in The Mirrorsays that experts who have already looked at the crosses say that they were made by criminals planning their next attacks.

An X on a person's automobile indicates that their home is a "good target" for robbery, but an x with a circle through it indicates that potential intruders have decided there is nothing of value inside.

However, what is most alarming is that thieves are using the triangle symbol to indicate that a woman is living alone in a house.

Along with this triangle, there are straight lines that serve as indicators for potential assets that may also be present inside her house.

The Safeguarding Hubstated:

Between us, we have a fairly extensive knowledge of burglary.

We have spent many hours speaking to distraught victims, visiting crime scenes, and dealing with burglars. We have actually seen and experienced these symbols being used by criminals.

This is not to say that this is a common practice between bands of thieves, for most burglars work alone. We do not want to scaremonger and we can say confidentially that the use of these symbols is very rare.

But, if you are a caregiver to an elderly or vulnerable person and spot strange marks outside their home, do you really want to dismiss it out of hand without just ensuring that the symbol is legitimate?

The marks were referred to as "robbery markings" or "burglar symbols" by the security company Keytek, who also noted that they are often made with chalk.

They added, "These illustrations are also supposed to indicate to other thieves what type of person lives at the property, such as whether the residents are vulnerable, elderly, or live in a single-family home."


A mom issues warning to anyone who sees sinister 'X' marked on car that it might be a sign that they are targeted for a robbery. Some people have suggested that the two symbols that were written on her car when it was stopped on the side of the road could be an indication of unlawful activity after capturing and sharing pictures of them.

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