Monstrous Storm Ciara Is Basically Shutting Down The UK Today

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Published 09.02.20

Monstrous Storm Ciara is basically shutting down the UK today with cancellations and closures sweeping the nation

The Met Office has issued “danger to life” Amber alerts across the UK.


Wind speeds of 94 mph have been recorded today

Here’s the official word from the Met Office:

“Widespread very strong winds will affect much of England and Wales during Sunday. Gusts of 60-70 mph will occur widely in inland areas and 70-80 mph along southern and western coasts. Heavy rain will accompany the strong winds leading to very poor driving conditions. The winds will slowly ease from the north during the latter part of the afternoon and through the evening.”

According to recent reports, wind speeds of up to 94mph have been recorded in parts of the country, as Storm Ciara continues to cause havoc across Britain today.


Met Office issue  a “danger to life” amber alert for many parts of England and Wales

The Met Office has issued a “danger to life” amber alert for most of England and Wales today, as the weather bomb known as Storm Ciara – one of the strongest storms to hit the UK in seven years – continues to batter the nation. Experts have warned people to be wary of “flying debris” which “could lead to injuries or danger to life.”


Storm Ciara is causing widespread cancellations, closures and general chaos across the country today. Road, rail, air and ferry services have all been affected by the storm. Reportedly, nearly 200 flights in and out of Europe, as well as dozens of domestic ones, have been cancelled or delayed today.

Don’t even get me started on the trains. They don’t work at the best of times, so you can imagine how things are going together. I’ll let Twitter do the talking on that one.

Storm Ciara winds made British airways Boeing 747 break speed record

The winds have been so strong today, that they actually caused a British Airways flight flying from JFK to the UK to break a speed record. Storm Ciara’s winds caused a Boeing 747 to reach speeds of 800mph. At that tremendous speed, the aircraft managed to cross the Atlantic in just 4 hours 56 minutes.

The flight normally takes just under seven hours.


Endless reports of flooding, trees down, road closures and event cancellations – including today’s Man City VS West Ham game and women’s Six Nations rugby match between Scotland and England – continue to sweep the country as Ciara rages on.

The Met Office’s amber warning for wind is in place across the majority England and Wales until 9pm this evening.


Let’s face, it Storm Ciara was always going to be a fierce one, wasn’t it?

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In all seriousness, stay safe out there, all.