Morrisons are preparing for Black Friday – or Black Fry-day – by releasing their huge full English fry up for £5.

The pull of a fry up for breakfast is kind of lost on me; in the morning it’s hard enough to eat in the first place, let alone all of the calories in the world.

A fry up for lunch or dinner? Now I’m listening.


That’s not what this article is about though; this article is about a normal fry up, but it’s way bigger and it only costs £5. Considering I just paid £10 for a sandwich and a can of root beer (not as nice as I remember (maybe I’ve just grown up)), then £5 for a dangerous amount of food is pretty good.

Black Fry-day fry up consists of 19 items, no less, and those 19 items are three rashers of bacon, three sausages, three hash browns, two fried eggs, two slices of black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, a tomato that everyone will leave and fried bread.

morrisons black fry-day


I’ve run the numbers and yes, I can confirm that the breakfast consists of 19 things, unless you count the beans individually – then it’s way more than 19. Probably like 219?

Helen Tordoff, who is head of cafes at Morrisons, said:

We know Black Friday shopping can take a lot out of customers and hope that this Black Fry-Day Breakfast will keep hangry-ness at bay and fuel them through the highs and lows of the big day.


We’re proud to offer deals our customers want and bid them happy bargain-hunting this Black Friday.”

Sadly this is only available tomorrow on Black Friday itself (29th November) so if you’re after this, then you better get yourselves to a Morrisons in the morning.

morrisons fried breakfast

You could make your own, but where’s the fun in that?


Meanwhile, if you like Morrisons, but hate fry ups, then a Jaffa cake doughnut has been released at the supermarket and customers are very excited to get their hands on one… or five.

I’m always amazed that “Jaffa Cake” somehow isn’t a trademarked product name; absolutely everyone seems to be giving it a go and none of them get in trouble.


Costing a cool £1.50, the doughnut is chocolate glazed with an orange filling. It’s topped with a whole Jaffa Cake (probably own-brand) and it looks pretty nice.

I mean it looks like what it is; a doughnut with a jaffa cake on top of it.

You know what to do, nerds.

Images via Morrisons