You’ve probably been saying BMW wrong your entire life without even realising it.

Nearly 95 percent of people have been pronouncing the name of car manufacturer BMW wrong, according to a recent survey.

Mispronunciation of car names are nothing new. Everyone has found themselves in a debate about how to say Porsche at one stage or another.

Those with trust funds think it’s pronounced ‘Porsh-aaaaa’. Others suggest you’re supposed to pronounce it the same way a posh person would say posh:  ‘Porsh’.

A lesser known car-pronunciation debate is how one is supposed to say Volkswagen. Some hold that it’s ‘Volks-Waggen’, but others say it is ‘Volks-Vargen’. The latter is probably technically correct.

But as far as car-pronunciation debates go, you probably never thought that the simple three-lettered car manufacture BMW was going to get involved.

Well now it is.

Most people pronounce it ‘Bee – Emm – Double – Yoo’, as these are the English versions of B, M, and W.

However, BMW is German, not English. So the correct pronunciation of BMW is, in actual fact, ‘Bee – Emm – Vee’.

Mind Blowing. 

Just 5% of UK motorists use the correct pronunciation, according to groundbreaking new research conducted by Select Car Leasing.

Other Car Pronunciation Mistakes

They also found that, in general, UK motorists are pretty bad at pronouncing most car manufacturer names. 

The study involved 10 car names, and 1,000 car drivers. Out of everyone involved, not one person knew how to correctly pronounce every single one of the car brands. That’s pretty poor. 

It was also found that only 6% of people managed to correctly say ‘Hyundai’. It’s supposed to be pronounced: ‘Hun-Day’. Who knew?

The director of Select Car Leasing, Mark Tongue (presumably pronounced ‘Tung’) said: 

“For all the exposure that car manufacturers are subjected to in the digital age, there’s still a gap in understanding when it comes to how they’re pronounced.

“Many of them have become household names across the globe, but according to our research, that doesn’t make mispronunciations any less likely.

Tongue credits Joey Tribbiani for the popularity of the age-old debate of ‘Porsh’ v ‘Porsh-Aaaa’:

“Thanks to Friends’ Joey Tribbiani in part, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Porsche features on our list, but the same can’t be said of BMW – a huge 95 percent of people are unaware it’s actually pronounced bee-em-vee.

“We’ve found that even the automotive stars are being caught out, with Jeremy Clarkson and James May mispronouncing the likes of Koenigsegg and Dacia for years.

“Our survey reveals the car brands that are most confused and, for the avoidance of any doubt, the proper pronunciations via professional, regional voice actors.”

There you have it. 

Image via Alamy