Most Serial Killers’ Star Sign Is Taurus

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Published 11.02.20

Serial killers are Taurus, apparently, according to one of the most pointless studies ever.

The fact that star signs still see the time of day in 2020 is absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea why most girls I know – including my girlfriend – have a horoscope app on their phone that tells them what kind of day they’re in for, or why some people give it the whole “such a Libra move” when they decide to buy chips or something.

With that in mind I absolutely couldn’t care less that, on balance, most serial killers are Taureans since the work that went into finding that out is very much the behaviour of a serial killer.

David Jester is the man behind this “study” as the British author spent two years researching the zodiac signs of the most prolific serial killers in both the UK and US.

Serial Killer Arrives at Court

I’ve no idea why it took that long.

As The Mirror states, people with the Bull star sign are:

“Devoted, patient and hard-working, traits which can make for a great personality in someone who is stable and good-natured, and an evil manipulator in someone who is not.”

Always so vague. I could quite easily make up a new star sign – let’s call it Nerdius – and cast the net pretty wide with my description. In fact, I will..

Nerdiuses are famously introverted extroverts, who flourish in group settings but also love and appreciate their own company. They’re kind and giving, but also like to keep their possessions for themselves. A Nerdius loves to exercise, but is also known to be somewhat slovenly.”

No doubt there’s a few people out there going “oh my god that’s me!

As per The Mirror, these are the serial killers who fall under the Taurus label:

  • H. H. Holmes (Born May 16, 1861): Said to be America’s first modern serial killer, Holmes created a murder castle and was almost ingenious in his unspeakable evil. An intelligent, devious man who chased money more than anything else.

  • Michael Ryan (Born May 18, 1960): The man behind The Hungerford Massacre. He armed himself with assault rifles and launched an attack on his sleepy, suburban community, before killing himself.
  • David Copeland (Born May 15, 1976): Known as the London Nail Bomber, Copeland was your average Neo-Nazi scum who made it his mission to kill and maim anyone who wasn’t as white and as crazy as he was.
  • Karla Homolka (Born May 4, 1970): A Canadian serial killer who raped and murdered several children along with her husband.
  • Albert Fish (Born May 19, 1870): One of the most well-known serial killers in the US, his nicknames included The Gray Man and Werewolf of Wysteria. A real-life Bogey Man, Fish was a child rapist and a cannibal.

Serial Killer Albert Fish on Trial

  • Levi Bellfield (Born May 17, 1968): A child killer and rapist in the United Kingdom.
  • Orville Lynn Majors (Born April 24 1961): Orville Lynn Majors was a licensed practical nurse and serial killer, who was convicted of murdering his patients in Clinton, Indiana.
  • Robert Black (Born April 21, 1947): A Scottish serial killer and paedophile.
  • Steve Wright (Born April 24 1958): An English serial killer who raped and murdered several women.
  • Martha Beck (Born, May 6, 1920): Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Jule Beck were an American serial killer couple. They were convicted of one murder, are known to have committed two more, and were suspected of having killed up to 20 victims during a spree between 1947 and 1949.


Some bad people, there. Goes without saying of course but come on, there’s had to be one month/star sign that had the most serial killers. What would be weirder is all of the star signs having an exactly equal number of serial killers.

But what do I know? Jupiter’s currently passing the moon, so my judgement is being clouded.

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