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Mother Furious At Airline Who Mocked Her 5 Year Old Daughter Named Abcde


Mother furious at airline who mocked her 5 year old daughter named Abcde!A mother's fury over an airline employee who mocked her daughter's unique name has gone viral on social media. Traci Redford was flying with her five-year-old daughter, Abcde, from John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, Florida to El Paso, Texas when the incident occurred. Abcde's name is pronounced "Ab-city" and is spelled with the first five letters of the alphabet.

The trend of giving unusual names has been gaining popularity in recent times, which may have been influenced by Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's decision to name their daughter Apple. However, the name of one girl, Abcde (pronounced as "Ab-city"), has sparked controversy as her mother alleges that airline staff ridiculed her daughter's name on social media.

Mother Claims Southwest Airlines Mocked Her Daughter With Unusual Name

Traci Redford and her daughter Abcde were on a flight from John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, Florida, to El Paso, Texas when the reported incident occurred. However, the mother-of-one was left furious and heartbroken after a gate agent reportedly laughed, pointed, and took a photo of her daughter's boarding pass, which showed her name as Abcde.

Abcde, pronounced as "Ab-city," is an unusual name, but it holds a special meaning for Traci. She chose the name as a tribute to her daughter's uniqueness and as a symbol of hope for a brighter future. Unfortunately, the gate agent's alleged behavior turned what was supposed to be a pleasant journey into a humiliating and distressing experience.

Traci claims that the agent laughed and shared the photo on social media, mocking her daughter's name. When Traci heard the laughter, she turned around and confronted the agent, reminding her that her daughter could hear everything. Traci's worst fears were confirmed when Abcde asked why the agent was laughing at her name.

Mom, why is she laughing at my name?- Abcde, Traci's Daughter

While the incident with Abcde happened several years ago, it serves as a reminder of the power of social media to hold companies accountable for their employees' actions. The airline industry, in particular, has faced scrutiny over customer service issues, and this incident shows that airlines need to take their customer complaints seriously and respond in a timely and appropriate manner.


In conclusion, the story of Abcde and her mother's experience with the gate agent highlights the importance of respecting unique names and the power of social media to hold companies accountable for their employees' actions.

In a world that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, we should all strive to be kind and respectful to one another, regardless of our differences. Traci's experience with Southwest Airlines is a reminder that we still have a long way to go in achieving this goal.

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