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Mr Autofire Cheats For Android And IOS 2022


Are you trying to find a free Mr Autofire cheats? Do you want to quickly complete all the levels? Read this post if you're looking for a Mr. Autofire cheats for iOS or Android versions of the game.

Developer Lightheart Entertainmentrecently published Mr. Autofire, an action game, on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game may already be downloaded from Google Play at no charge.

In this article, we'll tell you about the game and provide you access to Mr. Autofire's hack and cheat codes, which will give you access to a tonne of in-game materials as well as new opportunities and fix the game's major flaws.

Because the Mr. Autofire mod requires downloading a modified version of the game and installing it on a device, Lightheart Entertainment's game is effectively protected.

Yet, using the mod is not required. Why? Asian programmers develop fantastic bonus codes that are also totally free to obtain because they adore Lightheart Entertainment games.

Mr. Autofire is one of the best examples of the action video game genre. Good graphics, outstanding handling, and most importantly, engaging gameplay, are all strengths of the game.

Why? Because actual professionals are employed by Lightheart Entertainment. However, this had little effect on the development of secret codes.

The drawbacks of the Lightheart Entertainment game are completely expected: there are a lot of commercials, not enough game resources, opening some aspects is challenging, and more.

Mr Autofire cheats will take care of every issue, get rid of advertisements, give a lot of money (resources), and much more. A list of active codes that get through Lightheart Entertainment's security measures and offer great advantages may be found below.

Mr Autofire Cheats 2022

  • Cheat code: IEH0R8ENNKCT.
  • Cheat code: 0003JHMC75ED.
  • Cheat code: BO11J0MO68BJ.
  • Cheat code: D7XP60ZGGP22.
  • Cheat code: D13WSPHB9MBD.
  • Cheat code: NASQKSJVKMMU.
  • Cheat code: UI0ST5G4QWKT.
  • Cheat code: VRNPALBT72ND.
  • Cheat code: 9CRM01EG6PJI.
  • Cheat code: VY8PXN5K3Y14.
  • Cheat code: ZWUXC59EKIVM.
  • Cheat code: CVHIBMMM4Y97.
  • Cheat code: EZVBLJBT4UFV.
  • Cheat code: M6GAPJUJ0TUA.

Mr Autofire Cheats APK

You can download Mr Autofire cheats APK from modyolo, apkdone, kingmodapk, etc.

People Also Ask

What Are The Promo Codes For Mr Autofire?

You can get twenty more rings by using the promo code "Rings20." Rings can be used to improve the skills of your hero on the skill tree.

How Do You Get Free Gems In Mr Autofire?

You can do a lot of activities to get free gems and other in-game currency:

  • Milestone awards are earned as you advance throughout the world.
  • You may occasionally receive jewels from daily chests.
  • If you have the Treasure Hunter perk, you can earn gems from any run.
  • Gem prizes may be given out during temporary events.

How Do I Get More Energy In Mr Autofire?

If you need an extra boost of vigour to get you through the week, use the promo code "sushi" to access the game and get an extra 50 energy.


The entire potential of the game will be unlocked by using these Mr Autofire cheats Simply enter the hidden codes to play without limitations. Use bonus codes as often as you'd like because Lightheart Entertainment does not ban gamers for doing so.

You can try these cheat codes and enjoy the ever-lasting gaming experience of playing this game.

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