An MRI Operator has taken to TikTok to reveal how he was fired after a crazy drug-based incident.

A New York-based MRI Operator has shared a story on TikTok which has shocked and entertained. The story of how they ended up doing cocaine with a patient is thrilling and already has 20,000 shares on the social media platform.

However, the hospital worker faced consequences.

Despite this, they were happy to share the story with their followers.

What happened?

TikTok user, jimmynewyork13 stitched a video of his own with a video asking for stories about people getting fired for “an actual good reason.” The story of how the user got the cocaine, sounds ridiculous but it appears to be true.

The TikToker explained the story while in his place of work:

“Patient came in for an MRI scan, and if you ever had an MRI scan, you know you can’t have nothing in your pockets. So I told the patient to empty everything out of your pockets and put it on the chair.

“When the patient did, they pulled out some keys and a bag, or should I say baggie of er you know. You already know what I mean.”

jimmynewyork13 then taps his nose as a snow filter is on the screen. Many have assumed that the MRI operator is referring to snorting cocaine.

“So me and the patient laughed about it, and then she offered me some. Being the professional that I am, I said ‘No’ of course. But she insisted. So I gave in. As we’re doing a couple of lines off the table, my manager walks in and catches both of us. ”

“That’s how I lost my job, for an absolute good reason.”

Going forward

While many would consider this career suicide, the MRI operator managed to find a new job. In fact, the hospital work continues his work in a similar role in a new hospital.

Nonetheless, it seems that they were lucky to professionally recover from the incident.

The status of cocaine

As many would rightly assume, the use of cocaine is not permitted in any professional environment.

Furthermore, cocaine is a schedule 2 drug in the United States and this is equivalent to a class A drug in the UK. As a result, those in possession can face a significant fine or even a prison sentence.

Like most drugs, cocaine can cause users to endanger themselves and impact their health. With that in mind, many would recommend staying away from the drug and definitely not doing it in a hospital.

Despite this, it has made a good story and has gained over three million views already.

What’s the best reason you have for being fired?

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