With Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+, making her Marvel’s first Muslim lead in an announcement that comes eleven years after the start of the MCU.

Not to be confused with Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel – who used to be Ms. Marvel in the comics – this iteration of Ms. Marvel is helmed by Kamala Khan, a Pakistani Muslim teenage girl living in New Jersey.

She took the name after Danvers decided to be Captain Marvel, given that she was Khan’s idol and as announced in D23, she will be the focus of the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+.


Who is Ms. Marvel?

I’ve never read one of her standalone comics and though I have read a few that she appears in (mainly the Earth scenes in Nova), I’m not actually sure what her powers are. From the top of my head, I’d say that she’s stretchy and bendy, but I’ll look it up. Professionalism and all that…


Right so I was nearly correct. Ms. Marvel is stretchy and bendy, but she has shape-shifting in general down, as well as superhuman strength and speed.

Apparently bioluminescence (like a plankton?) is also one of the strings to her bow?

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, she – along with She-Hulk and Moon Knight – is getting her own standalone series on Disney’s upcoming streaming service that already looks like it has more content than Netflix and Amazon combined, and as The Hollywood Reporter have it, screenwriter and comedian Bisha K. Ali is set to write and act as showrunner for the series.


That means Ms. Marvel will be in pretty good hands as Ali worked on Netflix’s Sex Education, which is objectively good, and the upcoming adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is objectively unnecessary, but I suppose could also be good.

Created by G. Willow Wilson, Ms. Marvel endeavoured to show the life of an ordinary teenage Muslim girl in America who had not-so-ordinary powers, and like lots of heroes, struggling to balance her personal life with that of an Avenger.

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Wilson spoke of the upcoming TV adaptation to Polygon, saying:


It is so far beyond what either [editor Sana Amanat] or I ever envisioned going into this series six, going on seven, years ago, that I almost can’t process it.

I think there’re some characters who are very much set up for the big screen; they’re very naturally sort of cinematic. But with Ms. Marvel, we really weren’t interested in creating something that had very obvious film potential.

I was really leaning — and I know Adrian [Alphona] and Takeshi [Miyazawa] and all of the artists as well — were really leaning into the comic book-ness of this character. She’s got very comic-booky powers.


God bless them trying to bring that to live action; I don’t know how that’s going to work out in a way that doesn’t look really creepy.”

Ms. Marvel won’t be on Disney+ for a good couple of years yet, so we’ll just have to go ahead and imagine it instead.

Images via Marvel, Disney