Mum Horrified After Receiving This Absolutely Terrible £9.99 Center Parcs Vegan Breakfast

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Published 23.07.20

Getting a cooked breakfast right is a seriously difficult thing to do.

Depending on who you ask it varies too; personally, I’m not a fan of mushrooms or tomatoes so as far I’m concerned you can get that filth off my plate, but the staples can stay put.

The essentials, of course, consist of: fried eggs, beans, sausage, bacon – you don’t need me to tell you who the usual suspects are.

Despite being a relatively straight-forward meal, it turns out there’s a lot of scope for it to go wrong, as one Center Parcs (I hate the way they spell it) visitor found out the hard way.

37 year old Jennifer Carr from Scotland was on holiday at the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in Newark when she was served up the £9.99 vegan breakfast that consisted of some bread, hash browns, a tomato, a mushroom, beans and a couple of strips of peppers – and while that may sound nice, it looks like a Rate My Plate reject.

It’s a shit-looking breakfast, I’ll be honest, and she was understandably miffed about the whole thing.

She told The Sun:

“I was really quite shocked. It was pretty small, so we had to order extra mushrooms, beans and tomatoes on top. I looked at it and thought, I’ve paid ten pounds for this. And we were starving afterwards.

It wouldn’t be hard to improve it given the range of items you can buy in the supermarket these days.

We love the Richmond vegan sausages, so they could have added those or even just some extra mushroom and extra tomato would have been nice – even a bit more pepper.

The trip was lovely. Center Parcs was great, the staff were lovely and everything was clean – we felt very comfortable. It was just the food that was an issue.”

I know vegan alternatives are often an afterthought but Center Parcs really are taking the mick here. To be honest, it must be pretty annoying as a vegan when everyone thinks an acceptable replacement to meat ‘more mushroom’.

Speaking of terrible brekkys, it reminds me of the absolute shocker that was uploaded to peer-reviewed page Rate My Plate.

Neither Center Parcs or Carole C painting themselves in any glory here.

Be better, guys.

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