Mum Savagely Trolled For Naming Children After Famous Alcoholic Spirits

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Published 12.07.19
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Why is it that most people aren’t happy with their own names?

Mine’s Joshua – an absolutely fine, run-of-the-mill name for a 27 year-old, but for a long time growing up I wanted to be called Diego or Wolfgang. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t change it, but I’ve doubt that if I had changed it to one of those names I’d have been far more fortunate with girls.

As it goes, names are important, giving personality and identity to an individual.

With that in mind, let me introduce 35 year-old Sarah Mennell who is being trolled online for her kids’ names and their similarity to alcoholic drinks. Her kids are called Jackdaniel and Tiamarie – just like the drinks –  because people “can’t all have boring names”.

She says Jackdaniel, 12, was named after a Canadian runner and Tiamarie, 11, after a Spanish waitress, but that didn’t stop trolls, well, trolling her over them.

It provoked mocking comments online, with Luke Dunn saying: “Their dad Johnny Walker works long hours.

“He also Fosters two kids called Stella and Glen Fiddich. Lovely family.”

Others accused Sarah, of Hull, of “seeking attention” and “child cruelty”.

It’s hardly bloody child cruelty is it. Let’s have a little perspective here.

Sarah added: “Most of the people commenting look like they have issues themselves but we have thick skin.

“Negative comments don’t bother us don’t worry folks.

“Tiamarie and Jackdaniel are well used to any negativity on their names. After all anyone who knows us and the kids know the names suit.”#

Some critics said their children would never be taken seriously when they were older, in job interviews for example, due to their names.

Sarah hit back and said: “I’m not worried how his name would appear to others, he gets Jak, Jack, JD, but when meeting new people he addresses them with his full name, Jackdaniel.

The couple also have two younger daughters, Sydneyrae, 10, who was also named after a young footballer – Sydney Rae Dwyer, and Princess, six.

Sarah added: “Princess was named Princess because we liked the name. It just stuck during pregnancy because we used to watch Little Princess on Channel 5 with the younger children at the time.

“My husband would sing it all the time and my baby would kick at the theme tune when it was on so Princess was born.

I mean, each to their own and everything, but those names just aren’t for me. But what do I know – I wanted to be called f***ing Wolfgang for years.

Images via Facebook/Hull Live

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