When it comes to planning a child’s birthday party there is always a theme; whether it be their favourite Disney character, pirates or princesses, parents aim to please.

But one mum in South Carolina decided on a somewhat bizarre choice when it came to the theme of her little girl’s day as she went all-out discount store.


And not just for the party-food savings.

German discount supermarket chain Aldi have taken the world by storm with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries and have come some way since brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht took on their mother’s store in Essen in 1946.


Famed for its middle-aisle weekly deals, Aldi has been a hit with bargain-loving UK customers with a store in just about every post-town nationwide and it seems to be the same state-side.


Meaghan Singleton pulled out all the stops for daughter Saylor with the world’s first Aldi-themed birthday party after revealing at just 4-years old, Saylor was ‘obsessed’ with the store.

Posted by Meaghan Singleton on Sunday, 26 January 2020


Forget Disney’s Frozen, Ana and Elsa were so last year – Saylor’s love of Aldi is unquestionable.

Mum Meaghan invested in custom Aldi signage, Aldi coloured decorations and balloons and even a table-top set up to look like a conveyor belt with all your typical birthday treats on, including cupcakes, cookies and fruit.

Table set up to look like the conveyor belt

Posted by Meaghan Singleton on Sunday, 26 January 2020

Photos of Saylor’s special day were posted in a Facebook group called ALDI Aisle of Shame Community and were captioned: “Well that’s a wrap!! Saylor’s Aldi birthday party was a success! Added in is her 4th birthday pictures taken in our Aldi in Columbia, SC!”.



Little Saylor even had her own Aldi birthday dress which was hand-embroidered for the occasion – a nod to the Aldi uniform.

In an interview with Business Insider, Meaghan revealed her daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw the budget superstore themed decorations, running around screaming “I love Aldi”.

To make sure things were as representative of Aldi as they could be, Meaghan even took a trip to her local store to have professional photos taken, posing with the toys in what Saylor calls the “fun aisle” to create signs for the party.

She even had her own Aldi rank signs:


Posted by Meaghan Singleton on Sunday, 26 January 2020


And cute cart cookies made to replicate the quarters used in the shopping carts:


And ‘Red Hot Deal’ treat bags for all Saylor’s guests:


Each little detail was nailed to a tee.


The parents even had their own signature Aldi ‘Winking Owl’ wine:

Posted by Meaghan Singleton on Sunday, 26 January 2020


Sounds like our type of kids birthday party!

“Since Saylor could sit in a shopping cart, she’s been coming with me. If I say we are going to the store, the first words out of her mouth are, ‘Aldi, right?’ She loves going on the hunt for deals with me”, says Meaghan.

We see a little brand ambassador in the making.

Aldi – sign her up.