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Mum's Use Of Shared Family Cloth Instead Of Toilet Paper Sparks Controversy


Mum's use of shared family cloth instead of toilet paper sparks controversy. A mother's decision to use a "family cloth" in lieu of traditional toilet paper has ignited a heated debate on social media. Ali's low-waste lifestyle revealed that her household uses a shared cloth to reduce paper waste, and while she claims it is more sustainable, many people are repulsed by the idea.

Is The 'Family Cloth' The Future Of Sustainable Living?

Despite her efforts to explain and justify her choices, thousands of TikTok users have expressed their concerns and doubts, with some questioning the sanitary implications of using a shared cloth for bathroom purposes.

After revealing her low-waste lifestyle, one mother's approach to using "family cloth" instead of toilet paper has sparked a divisive reaction. In a video about recycled toilet paper, a user commented on Ali's choice, leading to further controversy.

Ali later admitted that the family cloth and bidet setup is located in her upstairs bathroom. In another video, she explained what a family cloth is, but warned viewers that the details may not be suitable for the squeamish.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/mums-use-of-shared-family-cloth-instead-of-toilet-paper-sparks-controversy/ by Raven Noir on 2023-02-28T02:19:49.297Z

According to her, the term "family cloth" is an unfortunate name for cloth toilet paper, and she is unsure who coined it. She proceeded to show the setup in her home, hoping to alleviate some of the disgust people might feel. She showed her upstairs bathroom primarily used by her and her husband and a basket of clean wipes made from old Christmas flannel pajamas.

After using the bidet, she pats it dry with a clean wipe and places it in a bin designated for used wipes. The used wipes are eventually washed in the laundry. She emphasized that she never reuses wipes without laundering them, as that would be unsanitary. She clarified that in addition to the "family cloth," she also has regular toilet paper in her upstairs bathroom and that the "family cloth" is sturdier and gentler on her skin.

Despite the efforts to reduce the "ick factor," over a thousand TikTok users confirmed that it still exists and is thriving. Some expressed their concerns, such as not wanting to wash soiled wipes with regular laundry, while others were simply scared of the concept of using a "family cloth."

One person even stated that they would not do it, even if paid. This is how Ali lives sustainably, but it may not be for everyone. While the "family cloth" could become popular, it is unlikely to catch on due to the strong aversion many people have towards it.


The use of "family cloth" instead of toilet paper has divided opinions online, with some applauding it as an eco-friendly alternative while others find it unsanitary and unappealing. While Ali defends her choices, many remain unconvinced and unwilling to adopt this approach. Whether or not the "family cloth" gains wider acceptance remains to be seen, but it is clear that the debate around sustainable living practices is far from over.

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