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My Girlfriend Wants Sex On Demand - Satisfy Your Partner's Desires Like A Pro


To have a partner who is ravenous and appears to simply desire your body seems like the archetypal masculine ideal. Consider it: plenty of sex, no demands on your emotions or brain, and lots and lots of sex. It sounds great. However, not really. Despite the myth that males are predators who are just interested in sex and nothing else, this is more of an exception than the norm.

Even yet, a lot of guys want you to think this about them because, for some reason, they've let themselves get caught up in the idea that, if they don't, their masculinity would be called into question. My girlfriend wants sex on demand, the question that worries many of us, so if you want to know more, keep scrolling.

My Girlfriend Wants Sex On Demand

My girlfriend expects me to be prepared for sex as soon as I enter the room. However, I need sex to be more natural since I don't always feel like it. Not that I don't like her or think she's beautiful. Now I sometimes don't want to go to her apartment because I feel compelled to and that if I don't immediately have sex with her she will be furious or want to quit the relationship.

Regarding your sexual reaction and your personal wants, you need to be heard in its whole. I'm wondering whether your relationship includes threats and intimidation, and if so, if that connection needs to be reevaluated.

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In any realm, let alone sex, feeling compelled or coerced is never acceptable. Discuss your arousal pattern with her over a seat, and then ask for what you need. Even when a person wishes to cooperate in their mind, the physical arousal process is stopped when they feel frightened, dangerous, or too challenged. It's a self-defense system, so take note.

Communication Is Key

On the other side, you could find that she isn't really that into you. In such a scenario, you have the option to pick up your pride and move on if you really want to find a meaningful, committed, and long-term relationship. Do not continue to hold onto the hope that you can alter her. Despite the fact that you could have a lot of wonderful sex along the road, it will only end in heartbreak.

It's up to you to determine whether it's worthwhile. The fact is that males experience grief just as strongly as women do, and in some cases perhaps more so since society expects men to suppress their feelings. Be wise if you really want a life companion. Do not allow your dick to cause you to experience heartbreak. It's up to you to determine whether it's worthwhile. The fact is that both men and women experience heartbreak. even more profoundly at times. And the reason for it is that society expects individuals to suppress their feelings. Be wise if you really want a life companion. Don't allow a shattered heart to be caused by your penis.

What to Do When Your Partner Wants More Sex Than You Do

Are Men Emotional Beings?

Like all people, men typically seek for relationships that provide them with intellectual stimulation, communication, comfort, and friendship. They also like having sex. Additionally, they don't mind sometimes engaging in pointless sex. They sometimes like pointless sex a lot. But when it comes to long-term relationships, people want a little bit more than just an eager sexual partner unless they are fully egotistical, utterly shallow, or significantly emotionally wounded.

Notice Her Actions

Your girlfriend could be ready for more if she can't stop touching you, is constantly wrapping her arms around you, asks you to hold her hand, wrap your arm around her, or even lay her across your lap. She could be ready for more if she has been acting more sexually lately, such as stroking your manhood through your jeans or putting your hands on her breasts. She is probably more at ease with you if she engages in greater physical contact with you. She won't have sex with you until she feels at ease with you. Observe her dancing with you. Does she approach your body more closely than ever? She could be attempting to communicate with you.

Be Prepared And Get Intimate

Two people after sex
Two people after sex

You should not ask your girlfriend to have sex when you are sharing a cheeseburger; instead, you should do it in a private location. What does it imply, therefore, if you're prepared for sex and it turns out that she's also prepared? Condoms. Don't ask her to your home or show up at hers knowing there's a potential you could engage in sexual activity without being ready. Keep condoms on hand in case she decides to use them, but avoid showing them to her or giving her the creeps.

A trip to the pharmacy can disrupt a private moment more than anything. When you're ready to take action, you should go close to your woman and be intimate. This indicates that you should take her out, treat her like a special person, and then spend some time with her alone. How close must you be to me? This is dependent on how quickly things develop. When you're already in the bedroom and some or all of your clothing is undone, you should ask her if she's ready to advance the relationship. It could be too soon to ask if you're simply kissing on the sofa and she doesn't move again.

Being Pressured To Have Sex Is Never Ok

Consent is what distinguishes having sex while you're not feeling it from sexual assault or compulsion. Although the behavior involved in sexual coercion is often harmful in some manner, it is not necessarily unlawful. Sexual violence—not consensual sex—occurs when a person feels that they must consent in order to stop someone from asking or getting something done.

Many people don't see it as sexual violence; they just think this person isn't giving up, and I feel worn out. You may get assistance by calling 1800 RESPECT, a nationwide organization that supports those who have been affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse.

What To Do If You Feel Like It's Having A Negative Impact


Think about the theories behind why you've endured sex when you didn't feel like it. "Who taught you that your partner's needs must be met?" From there, you may go forward by setting limits. For example, "I'm going to respect and honor my 'no' when I don't feel like having sex" or "I won't engage in particular sex activities that make me angry." It's time for you to talk to your husband right now.

Consider alternative personal activities to engage in when you're not feeling sexy. You may both decide to have a massage, make out, or watch a movie, for example. It's a negotiation process, says. Everyone is responsible for seeking out their own delights. If you think the chat is unsuccessful, think about getting help from a certified sex therapist or couples therapist.

Understanding Your Partner's Desires For Sex On Demand

A man looking at his girlfriend's breasts
A man looking at his girlfriend's breasts

Acknowledge And Validate Your Partner's Desires

When your girlfriend expresses a desire for sex on demand, it's crucial to approach the conversation with empathy and understanding. Recognize that everyone has unique needs and desires when it comes to intimacy. By acknowledging her feelings and validating her desires, you create a foundation for open communication and constructive dialogue.

Explore The Motivations Behind The Request

Understanding the motivations behind your partner's desire for sex on demand can shed light on the underlying needs and expectations. Perhaps she feels a stronger emotional connection through sexual intimacy or has a higher libido. By engaging in open dialogue, you can gain insight into her perspective, fostering a greater understanding of her desires.

Establish Boundaries And Find A Middle Ground

While it's crucial to respect your partner's needs and desires, it's equally important to establish and communicate your own boundaries. Negotiation and compromise play a significant role in finding a balance that works for both individuals. Discussing frequency, spontaneity, and ways to enhance intimacy can help create a mutually satisfying solution.

Seek Professional Support If Needed

If you find it challenging to navigate this topic or reach a compromise, seeking professional guidance can be beneficial. Relationship counselors or therapists can provide a safe space for open conversation, facilitate understanding, and offer valuable insights into addressing sexual desires within a relationship.

People Also Ask

What Does It Mean When My Girlfriend Wants Sex On Demand?

When your girlfriend expresses a desire for sex on demand, she is indicating a preference for having sexual intimacy whenever she wants it, without prior negotiation or discussion. It could mean that she has a high libido or feels a stronger emotional connection through physical intimacy.

How Should I Respond To My Girlfriend's Request For Sex On Demand?

Responding to your girlfriend's request requires open and honest communication. Express your thoughts, feelings, and boundaries regarding sexual intimacy. It's important to find a balance that respects both partners' needs and desires while ensuring open dialogue and mutual consent.

What If I'm Not Comfortable With Sex On Demand?

It is completely valid to have personal boundaries and comfort levels when it comes to sexual intimacy. Communicate your feelings honestly and respectfully to your girlfriend. Relationships require compromise, and finding a middle ground that satisfies both partners is essential.

How Can I Address My Girlfriend's Request Without Hurting Her Feelings?

Approach the conversation with empathy and understanding. Use "I" statements to express your thoughts and feelings without blaming or criticizing her. Emphasize the importance of mutual respect and finding a solution that satisfies both of you.

Is It Normal For Someone To Want Sex On Demand In A Relationship?

Sexual desires and expectations can vary greatly from person to person. It's important to remember that what is normal or typical can differ between individuals. The key is to have open discussions, understand each other's needs, and find a balance that works for both partners.


Sexual intimacy is an intimate and personal aspect of any relationship, and each individual's desires and expectations vary. When confronted with a partner's request for sex on demand, it's important to approach the topic with empathy, open communication, and a willingness to understand each other's perspectives.

By finding a balance that respects both partners' needs and desires, couples can foster a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship built on mutual respect and consent. Remember, the key to a successful relationship lies in honest communication, compromise, and a commitment to each other's happiness and well-being. Remember, every relationship is unique, and the most important aspect is open and respectful communication between partners. Understanding each other's perspectives and finding compromises can lead to a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.

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