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My Wife Lives As A Child - Meet Wade And Michelle Playing DDLG


My wife lives as a child- The extreme love series releases another strange but interesting video. A married couple from rural Tennessee has redefined what it means to have a good time. Meet Wade and Michelle. Michelle enjoys dressing up as a "Little Girl" and pretending to be a young girl. The Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) is a fetish that entails Wade acting as Michelle's "daddy". He rewards or punishes her based on how she behaves. Here, you can find out how their relationship is going while they play this funnyand strange game.

My Wife Lives As A Child Extreme Love Series

My Wife Lives As A Child | EXTREME LOVE / WeTv

Maryville is a city in and the county capital of Blount County in the state of Tennessee. Wade, 35, and his wife, Michelle, 27, live there.

They keep themselves occupied with the mundane tasks of everyday life, just like any other married couple. Wade works as a professional handyman, but in their spare time, they enjoy "playing board games and listening to Disney movies," with Michelle adding that she enjoys arts and crafts and coloring, as well as being a full-time little daughter.

The DDLG fetish, which is all about kinky-aged play, is something Michelle prefers to spend her days dressing up and acting as a toddler, which she does most of the time.

Wade said in the interview:

"When DDLG Stands for Daddy Dom and Little Girl. I'm her daddy and she's my little girl. And I take care of her 24/7 just like you would a child."

After that Michelle added:

"He's my daddy and my protector and I need him"

These mature adults engage in unending age play for the rest of their lives.

"This is something to be taken seriously. This isn't a game. This isn't something that we're just putting on a front. This is who we are. This is what makes us happy," Wade explained.

The majority of the time is spent having fun and playing games, but when Michelle did something bad, Daddy Dom will impose some consequences. Punishment, even though it hurts, helps a little girl to make the right decisions so that she doesn't fall into the same trap again.

Daddy Dom and Michelle wearing a child outfit and playing snake and ladder board game on the floor
Daddy Dom and Michelle wearing a child outfit and playing snake and ladder board game on the floor

This isn't the only thing the couple has. The couple also has a behavior sheet, on which Michelle will mark three times a day with a checkmark and a distinct color-coding system. During the morning, afternoon and evening. There is a green checkmark when she behaves well, a red checkmark when she behaves badly, and lastly, a yellow checkmark for warnings.

Michelle also clarified the punishment saying: "it is based on how many you have, Daddy Dom sets out a punishment or he lets you pick out a reward." Besides, they also have a lot of paddles in a variety of different ways to punish.

Why does Daddy Dom include paddles as punishment? It is because Waden was raised in a household that was extremely strict with its rules. When he was younger, he expressed a keen interest in the spanking part of parenting.

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The Picture Game

Decorate a little simple cubic box with photos. If you want naughty photographs, then, that's a good idea. Take turns tossing the box. Your boo must follow the image. When he throws it, do as shown. You can use images of a kiss, cuddle, ear bite, etc.

Drinking Roulette

Wine and two glasses are the only things you'll need to play this. However, alcohol isn't the only thing that can be used. If you and your friends don't drink, just get a soft drink of your own. As in, one of you is going to say something and the other person has to say "yes" or "no."

A traditional casino wheel with a 16 shot glasses surround it
A traditional casino wheel with a 16 shot glasses surround it

If you want to make it a little challenging and with a twist, try another version of it. A roulette wheel, sixteen shot glasses, and two roulette balls are included in this classic set, which looks and functions exactly like a traditional casinowheel – with a humorous twist, of course. The instructions of the game are straightforward: simply fill each of the sixteen shot glasses with a beverage of your choosing.

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Staring Contest

Just look at their eyes. Don't say a word. Enjoy the moment together. Make sure you look at their eyes with love.


Teams frequently play Charades. But two people can play charades. When you and your lover are the only ones playing, you can put up personal clues. Include mutual interests, favorite movies, inside jokes, and idioms in your clues.

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According to the Office for National Statistics, couples spend an average of two to two and a half hours a day together, including weekends, talking and playing games. Approximately one-third of the time spent together is spent watching television, dining (30 minutes), and doing housework together, according to the survey results (24 minutes).

What Should Married Couples Do Everyday

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An elderly couple is slowly dancing and on their back is a blurry foliage of a trees

Give your full attention and not be distracted by something. During the time your partner is sharing with you how their day is going, try not to be distracted by your gadgets like cell phones, tablets, or TV. If you listen to your partner while talking, you show how important he/she is to you.

Loving touch matters.When you touch your partner, it doesn't always have to be sexual. It's very important to touch each other in a loving way often. It's good to hug your partner and hold his hand or rub his feet like what the extreme love episodes are: "My Wife Lives As A Child."

Remember to be polite and gentle.After a long time together, people can forget how to treat each other and stop doing small things for each other. However, kindness goes a long way. Make tea, buy them a treat they like, or help with a chore they don't like.

Often, say how grateful you are.People who have been together for a long time should know that they are still important in your life. Make him or her feel important and say thank you. When you wake up, say, "I love you" and "Have a good day." You'll both be in a good mood for the rest of the day.

How Can I Spend Quality Time With My Wife

  • Remember your first date with each other.
  • Attend social events together.
  • Unleash some of your hidden skills.
  • Plan a trip for the weekend.
  • Try going to a movie marathon.
  • Play games together.
  • Spend a lot of time working out.

What Can Couples Do When Bored At Home?

  • Play board games and card games.
  • A Dress-Up Night.
  • Work together to solve a puzzle.
  • Have a night at the spa.
  • Plan the Ultimate Holiday.
  • Wine and a movie in bed.
  • Teach or learn a new skill with one another.
  • Have a Wine Tasting of your own.


Your time reading this article is truly appreciated. Having finally met Wade and Michelle, a happy and contented married couple, you've learned a lot about the meaning of 'play hard' Michelle enjoys dressing up, playing, and acting like a toddler. An age-play fetish known as 'DDLG' (Daddy Dom Little Girl) includes Wade acting as Michelle's "daddy," who rewards or punishes the girl for her actions.

Of course, you don't have to play like a child-like the episode of extreme love entitled: "My wife lives as a child." You may use the suggested games to add some entertaining moment with your partner. But, games are not the most important ingredient for a happy family. It's more than that. The founder of a family reveals that the secret to a happy marriage is: Luke 11:28 says: "Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it!"God is fully aware of potential difficulties and has provided guidance for resolving them through his word, the Bible. Throughout history, those who truly applied Bible principles to their family life have faced greater happiness.

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