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Mysterious 'Black-Eyed Girl' Spotted Running In Cannock Chase Forest - Spooky Drone Footage


Drone footage captured over Cannock Chase forest in the Midlands has sparked debate after a mysterious figure was seen lurking on the edge of the tree line. The sighting has reignited claims that the forest is haunted by the mysterious 'black-eyed girl' spotted running in cannock chase forest leaving many suggesting that the footage may have captured something paranormal.

Mysterious 'Black-Eyed Girl' Spotted Running In Cannock Chase Forest

Cannock Chase is known to be one of the most haunted spots in the UK, with a string of spooky sightings reported throughout the years. Reports of ghostly children with sunken black eye sockets have persisted for decades, with some attributing the sightings to the ghosts of victims of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s, while others suggest they are the ghosts of the victims of a notorious child killer who murdered three children between 1965 and 1967.

The drone footage, which was captured by a ghost-hunting enthusiast, shows a figure resembling a child with sunken black eyes lurking in the trees. The footage has sparked a debate online, with many viewers suggesting that it is evidence of a paranormal sighting.

Seriously creepy drone footage captured 'black eyed girl' running through Cannock Chase forest

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One viewer described the footage as "seriously creepy", while another commented that "Cannock Chase is well known for things like this".

However, not everyone is convinced that the footage shows evidence of the supernatural. Some viewers suggested that the figure was simply a person dressed up, while others suggested that the footage may have been doctored.

Nevertheless, the footage has reignited interest in the legend of the black eyed girl and has prompted many to plan ghost walks in the area in the hope of encountering the ghostly child for themselves.

Tom Buckmaster, a fright-seeker who spent a night in the woods, described the experience as "freaky", while another spook-seeker claimed to have met "black eyed children" at Cannock Chase, which he claims is also home to "werewolves, a pigman and allegedly even Bigfoot".

Despite the debate surrounding the footage, it is clear that Cannock Chase continues to be a hotspot for paranormal sightings, and those brave enough to venture into the woods may be rewarded with a glimpse of the black-eyed girl or other mysterious creatures said to inhabit the area. If you're brave enough to try your luck, there are plenty of ghost walks and guided tours available in the area.


The sighting of the mysterious 'black-eyed girl' spotted running in Cannock Chase forest continues to be a subject of fascination for many, with some viewers of the footage claiming that it is the clearest evidence yet of a paranormal sighting.

Whether the figure captured by the drone was a ghostly apparition or simply a person in costume remains a mystery, but the legend of the black-eyed girl and other supernatural phenomena at Cannock Chase will undoubtedly continue to draw ghost-hunters and thrill-seekers for years to come.

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