It takes a brave soul to go on Naked Attraction, one of Channel 4’s most controversial shows.

For the uninitiated, the premise of the show is for singletons looking for a date to choose from a selection of potential lovers… except they’re all naked, and are slowly revealed from the feet up.

It all proved too much for one of the latest daters, 23-year-old virgin Brian, who found it all a bit overwhelming seeing 6 naked women standing before him.

Host Anna Richardson recalled the moment Brian looked stunned. She told MailOnline: “A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls, and needed to take time off set and be consoled by producers.”

She added that he was a “good lad” and did return and finish the show after he’d had a moment to gather his thoughts.

Anna looks concerned and asks him: “Are you OK Brian?”

He put’s a hand over his mouth and gestures no as Anna says that he “looks like [he’s] going to faint”.

Brian admits he needs some time: “So I need a moment, Anna, sorry, can I have a little moment?”

Anna insists: “Of course you can! Go and have five minutes love!”

Would you ever go on the show?

Images via Channel 4 / Naked Attraction