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Naked Couple Strolls Into Pub For A Meal, Outraged Diners Left Appalled

A naked couple strolls into pub for a meal near Bristol leaving people in shock. The incident, which occurred on June 2, created quite a buzz among the patrons at the Somerset pub, aptly named the Railway Inn.

Morgan Maverick
Jun 08, 20233073 Shares146344 Views
A naked couple strolls into pub for a mealnear Bristol leaving people in shock. The incident, which occurred on June 2, created quite a buzz among the patrons at the Somerset pub, aptly named the Railway Inn.

Naked Couple Strolls Into Pub For A Meal

Neil Cox and Danielle Quiggan, who consider themselves naturists, shared their side of the story, stating that they had previously enjoyed a similar experience without any issues in Bristol. However, their visit to the Railway Inn proved to be quite different, with families present and a mixed reaction from the crowd.
Naturists Couple Neil Cox and Danielle Quiggan
Naturists Couple Neil Cox and Danielle Quiggan
While naturism is not a criminal offense in the UK, there exists a delicate balance between freedom of expression and protecting the wider public from potential distress or harassment.
According to the Crown Prosecution Service guidance, if nudity is devoid of any sexual context and the person has no intention to cause alarm or distress, no action is usually taken unless actual harassment or distress is caused to members of the public.
As Cox and Quiggan took their seats for a meal, other patrons of the pub turned to TripAdvisor to express their dissatisfaction. Reviews flooded in, with many claiming to be "speechless" at the sight of the naked couple.
One disappointed customer even left the establishment and wrote:
We visited the pub this evening (Friday) at 6 pm to have dinner. Whilst ordering drinks, a couple walked up to the bar naked, which was a shock for all in the pub... If you advertise as a family pub, you should maintain these values.
Another outraged customer exclaimed:
Appalling. If you want to go to a family pub with average food and staff serving a naked man accompanied by a naked woman, then this is for you. Took parents. Outraged.
The negative reviews highlighted a clear expectation among patrons that a family-oriented establishment should adhere to certain standards.
Negative Reviews People Left On The Railway Inn After The Naked Couple Incident
Negative Reviews People Left On The Railway Inn After The Naked Couple Incident
On the other hand, Cox defended their actions, stating that they had obtained permission from the pub before their visit.
During our break away, we were naked most of the time. Where I live, there are shops, grocery stores, and pubs where I go in regularly that accept I am a naturist... People quickly went back to their drinks and got on with their day.- Neil Cox
The Railway Inn responded to the incident, acknowledging the mixed feedback received. A spokesperson for the pub expressed their commitment to inclusivity and celebrating individuality and differences, stating:
Naturism is legal within the UK, and we pride ourselves on inclusivity and welcome everyone's individuality and differences.
While the incident sparked controversy and received both negative and positive comments, it brings to light the ongoing debate surrounding the boundaries of personal freedom and societal norms.
As diverse perspectives collide, establishments and individuals alike are faced with the challenge of finding a balance between accommodating personal choices and maintaining an environment that is comfortable for all patrons, particularly those with families.
Ultimately, the incident at the Railway Inn serves as a reminder of the importance of clear communication and understanding between businesses and their customers. As societal norms continue to evolve, it is crucial for establishments to establish their guidelines and ensure that patrons are aware of the atmosphere they can expect within their premises.
Meanwhile, individuals must also exercise their freedom responsibly, considering the impact of their actions on those around them.

What Is Naturism?

Naturism, the practice of social nudity, has been gaining traction as a pathway to enhanced health and well-being. With recent research indicating that approximately 4 million people in the UK identify as Naturists, it's time to explore the numerous benefits that Naturist living offers.
The essence of Naturism lies in being one with nature, allowing the elements to caress bare skin. Naturists describe this experience as life-affirming and awe-inspiring. Once you have embraced swimming without the constraints of a swimsuit, the idea of going back seems trivial.
Shedding clothes not only exposes the body to natural sensations but also liberates individuals from the societal judgments and preconceptions often associated with clothing. In Naturist communities, judgments based on social status are abandoned, and the focus shifts to connecting with the true essence of each person.
Beyond the spiritual connection with nature, Naturism also fosters positive body image. Many individuals struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem due to perceived flaws in their bodies. Naturism challenges this mindset by promoting acceptance and celebration of the human body in all its diversity.
Blemishes, scars, and imperfections are recognized as shared experiences rather than sources of shame. Naturism serves as a powerful antidote to the unrealistic and pervasive images of the "perfect body" that saturate mainstream media, alleviating body hang-ups that often plague individuals later in life.
It is essential to emphasize that Naturism is a non-sexual environment. Inappropriate or lewd behavior is as unacceptable in a Naturist setting as it is in any clothed situation. This makes Naturism an ideal choice for families seeking a wholesome and inclusive recreational activity.
Children raised in Naturist communities develop a healthy awareness and appreciation for the human body. By countering the constant exposure to unrealistic beauty standards, Naturism helps protect younger generations from developing harmful body image issues.
One example of a Naturist club is Diogenes Sun Club in Buckinghamshire, which boasts a vibrant community of over 300 members spanning different generations. The club offers a range of amenities set within six acres of picturesque grounds surrounding a country house.
Whether enjoying indoor or outdoor swimming pools, relaxing in the sauna, or engaging in sports like tennis, boule, or volleyball, members of Diogenes Sun Club experience the joy of Naturism regardless of the unpredictable British weather.
Men playing tennis naked at the Diogenes Sun Club in Buckinghamshire
Men playing tennis naked at the Diogenes Sun Club in Buckinghamshire
The club also caters to younger members with outdoor play areas and a dedicated children's room. Camping facilities and a year-round sports and social calendar ensure that there is something for everyone.
One of the most remarkable aspects of Naturism is the profound sense of calm, relaxation, and overall well-being it engenders. The supportive and like-minded community at Diogenes Sun Club exemplifies the transformative power of Naturism.
Every year, newcomers overcome their initial nervousness and discoverthe tranquil benefits of embracing Naturism. To those who may hesitate, let this be an invitation to explore Naturism and experience its profound impact firsthand. Embrace the change today and unlock the transformative power of Naturism for yourself.
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Are you longing to break free and embrace the truest sense of freedom? Here is a curated list of five destinations around the world where public nudity is not only legal but celebrated. Pack your inhibitions away and get ready to experience the liberating joy of being in your natural state.


Spain is a haven for naturists, offering unparalleled freedom when it comes to public nudity. As one of the most liberal countries in this regard, public nudity is not only legal but also recognized as a fundamental individual right.
Whether it's sunbathing on the beach, strolling through parks, wandering along the streets, or even exploring the depths of the forests, you can bare it all with confidence and without fear of legal repercussions.


In Germany, public nudity is permitted, although it is typically restricted to specific areas. Munich, in particular, stands out as a city that allows walking or sunbathing naked in public.
Embracing the needs of nudists, Munich has designated six official "Urban Naked Zones" in parks, ensuring privacy and creating spaces where individuals can freely enjoy their naturist lifestyle. What's fascinating is that these zones are conveniently located just a stone's throw away from the city center.


When in the Netherlands, you have the freedom to shed your clothes and take a leisurely stroll on the streets. The key requirement is to ensure that you act in a normal manner, as public nudity is legal as long as it does not cause disturbance or harm.
Dutch towns have the authority to demarcate specific zones where nude recreation is permitted, while still having the discretion to prohibit public nudity in other areas.


France has long been known for its open-mindedness and acceptance of diverse lifestyles. While the laws regarding public nudity are not explicitly defined, the country offers designated spaces for naturists to indulge in their lifestyle.
Places like Cap d'Agde, a French city, allow individuals to roam freely without a stitch of clothing, making clothing optional throughout the area. France's relaxed attitude towards nudity provides ample opportunities for naturists to express themselves freely.


In Norway, public nudism is widely accepted and embraced. With over 20 declared free or nude beaches, the country offers naturists a wealth of options to enjoy their preferred lifestyle.
From Huk Nude Beach and Strandskog Nude Beach in the Oslo region to Ursetvika Nude Beach near Saltfjorden/Bodø and Djupvika Nude Beach by Trondheim, Norway's diverse coastline provides ample opportunities to bask in the sun in the most natural way possible.
Additionally, locations like Kollevågen Beach on Askøy Island near Bergen, Hjertøya Nude Beach in Molde, and Maureen Nude Beach near Alesund showcase the country's commitment to providing naturists with unforgettable experiences.

10 Places Where People Bare It All In Public nudity is legal

So, if you're ready to cast aside your clothes and embrace the freedom of public nudity, these five destinations offer a warm welcome. Whether you choose to explore the liberal atmosphere of Spain, enjoy designated zones in Germany and the Netherlands, immerse yourself in the freedom of France, or savor the natural beauty of Norway, each destination invites you to experience the joy of being at one with nature and yourself.

People Also Ask

Why Do Naturists Do It?

For some, it offers a profound sense of body acceptance, while for others, it simply brings them joy and a sense of well-being.

When Did Nudist Start?

The origins of organized nudism, also known as 'naturism,' can be traced back to the late 19th century when European pioneers initiated a deliberate movement that has since exerted a notable influence on society and politics worldwide.

What Does Nudist Lifestyle Mean?

The act of being nude, particularly in the company of both genders, and engaging in this practice during designated periods and in secluded locations.

Does Nudist Still Exist?

The roots of the nudist movement can be traced back to 19th century Germany, where embracing a nature-based and simplistic lifestyle included the practice of going nude. In the present day, the nudist community continues to flourish worldwide, with a strong presence and active participation across the globe.


In a world where societal norms and expectations often dictate our behavior, the incident where a naked couple strolls into a pub for a meal serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives that exist regarding public nudity.
While some may find it shocking or inappropriate, others view it as an expression of freedom and self-acceptance. The five destinations mentioned, where public nudity is legal, showcase the existence of spaces that embrace this form of self-expression.
Whether it's Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, or Norway, these places offer individuals the opportunity to break free from conventional boundaries and immerse themselves in a natural state.
While opinions on public nudity may differ, it is important to foster an understanding and respect for the various choices individuals make in their pursuit of happiness and self-expression. Ultimately, the incident of the naked couple in the pub invites us to contemplate the boundaries of personal freedom and societal norms, encouraging us to reflect on our own beliefs and attitudes towards nudity in public spaces.
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