Speculation has been rife after NASA confirmed they had news about the moon last week, and today they’ve announced that a pair of studies confirms that there is water on the Moon.

Two studies were published today, and one of the teams found a telltale sign of water molecules in a sunlit region. Another group reported that the widespread tiny shadowed pockmarks on the lunar surface could be shelter for water ice.

During the live stream, Paul Hertz, NASA’s Astrophysics Division director said: “Today we are announcing that for the first time water has been confirmed to be present on a sunlit surface of the moon.  This is exciting because the expectation is that any water present on a sunlit surface of the moon would not survive the lunar day. It might be distributed across the lunar surface and not limited to the cold shadowed places near the lunar poles where we have previously discovered water-ice.”

Nasa says that having water available to use on the Moon would be highly valuable as it could be used for fuel, for astronauts to drink or converted into breathable oxygen, and as water is also “extremely heavy” it would save a lot of space for other valuable supplies for astronauts if they were not required to take their own.

The water was discovered at the southern hemisphere of the Moon in a crater, and scientists estimate that there is the equivalent of a “12oz bottle of water for every cubic metre.”

We were all thinking it.

Image via Alamy