Nationwide Virtual ‘Friends’ Quiz Is Launching On Facebook Today

AvatarHannah Humphreys in Entertainment, TV
Published 25.03.20

Pencil it in the diary guys, the ‘Friends’ nationwide quiz is coming this Friday and let’s face it there will be absolutely nothing better to do – even if we’re not avid fans (a minority, of course).

If you’ve watched every episode back-to-back then you should ace this and what’s more, you can invite all your mates too.

The ‘Friends’ quiz is a nationwide event hosted by event planning company Eventures and will be launched on Facebook on Friday at 7.30pm.

To join in all you have to do is sign up on the event page and then add your mates.

Eventures said: “We are on lockdown and times like these require us all to stick together and have fun and we want to help!”.

“This is the quiz that’s guaranteed to find the biggest Friends fan. The One With The Virtual Quiz is an evening of getting more competitive than Ross and Monica at Thanksgiving”.

“Avoid being BAMBOOZLED and you could be ending the night with your name on the Geller cup!”.

As expected, the event has attracted hordes of interest with 45k expressing that they are ‘going’ and 129k ‘interested’ at the time of writing.

Eventures said: “We are absolutely overwhelmed with the number of people showing an interest in this event”.

“We realise a lot of you are asking how this will work etc and we assure you, details will be announced tomorrow”.

“Thank you for showing such interest in our Friends quiz. We promise to take your mind off current happenings and put a smile on your faces on Friday evening!”.

All you’ll need is an active Facebook profile, some mates (or not), a bottle of wine (or gin – whatever) and your thinking hat on.

This self-isolation malarkey is a doddle.

Images via NBC