Netflix And Nickelodeon Are Working On A ‘Spongebob’ Spinoff About Squidward

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 15.11.19

Nickelodeon are apparently set to be making a Squidward spinoff after a huge deal was brokered between them and Netflix.

Spongebob’s everywhere at the moment. The series is still going strong, there’s an ad for a new film that has Keanu Reeves as a tumbleweed and what’s more, there’s going to be a new spinoff.

I say that, nothing’s been confirmed thus far, but all signs are pointing to a Squidward spinoff, with Netflix and Nickelodeon signing a massive deal and The New York Times reporting that sources confirmed that a “musical-based” SpongeBob spinoff was in the works.


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Now, that doesn’t confirm anything necessarily, but Squidward is an avid clarinet player with one of his four feet in the arts door, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the series were to follow his musical life… despite him not being very good at clarinet.

What could we expect from a Squidward series? Given that he’s an adult, maybe it could be a show aimed at older audiences. It’s unlikely, but early Spongebob was no stranger to social commentary, which was amplified when Squidward moved to Tentacle Acres…


I couldn’t find a better quality version of that clip.


I used to laugh at that as a kid. As an adult though, it really resonates with me; not something I expected from a children’s cartoon about an animate sponge. This too…


Prior to this, we also got the news that Spongebob would get a prequel series focusing on the already very immature sea sponge, but as a 10-year-old in some kind of Summer camp.

Deadline report that 13 episodes of the new series have been ordered by Nickelodeon, with Ramsey Naito, Nickelodeon’s Animation Production and Development EVP, saying:

SpongeBob has an incredible universe to expand upon and the greenlight for ‘Kamp Koral’ is a testament to the strength and longevity of these characters known and loved by generations of fans around the world.”

That’s right – it’s called Kamp Koral, which sounds eerily similar to what Pearl says instead of “cool” before Mr Krabs ruins it for her.


Actually on that note, maybe we can finally get an explanation as to how that crab-whale father-daughter relationship came to be. Is it as simple as adoption? That would be a bit of an anticlimax but then I suppose it would be untoward of Nickelodeon to show a crab shagging a whale for Pearl to be born.

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One thing that could be make or break for this show though is that it will be made with CG animation, rather than the standard 2D that we all know and love. Very odd.

t’s a style that’s been used for Spongebob before, such as the film where he becomes a superhero, but it does seem inherently pointless in a very big way. People like him as a cartoon.

I suppose we should reserve judgement until it comes out.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then.

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