Netflix Confirms ‘You’ Season 2 Will Land On December 26th

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Published 21.11.19

Netflix confirms release date for You Season 2 as 26th December 2019

Leftovers + You Season 2 = Best Boxing Day ever


If any of my family members are catching up on my articles, know this:

I will be in my room on Boxing Day. The curtains will be closed (that’s funny if you watch the series). I am not to be disturbed. Please leave all Christmas leftover meals on a plate outside my door and do not skimp on the gammon, nor the cheese and pineapple sticks.

You Season 2 Netflix

Netflix confirms release date for You Season 2

After a painful amount of speculation, Netflix has finally confirmed that its dark thriller series You starring Penn Badgley (swoon) is set to return for a second season this Boxing Day (26th October 2019). If you loved the first series as much as I did, then upon learning this news, you’ve already mentally ditched joining the family for the Boxing Day buffet, Trivial Pursuit with the cousins and a Christmas film with gin and a box of Milk Tray with Nan. This it too important. I’ve been hanging off the cliff that was the end of Season One for months now.


According to Netflix, over 40 million people watched the dark thriller You within the first month of its release last year, so yeah, I imagine there’s going to be a fair few missing facing from the family Boxing Day snaps this year. Ah well, more gin and Milk Tray for Nan.


Okay, You Season 1 spoiler alert

Netflix’s official teaser for Season 1 was:

“Obsessed with an aspiring writer, a charming bookstore manager goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life.”

Here we go: Joe (Penn Badgley) basically kills a f*ck load of people including his sort-of girlfriend, Beck, who he’s been creepily obsessing over all season. There you go. If you’re looking for a full rundown of Season One either watch it, or read this article.

Joe 'You' Netflix

Netflix confirm the premise for Season 2 of You

The popular streaming service issued the following statement earlier today (Monday 11th November):

“When we last saw Joe his heart was tragically broken and his past just caught up with him in the form of long-lost ex-girlfriend Candace – a woman now hell-bent on teaching him a lesson.

“Season two finds him on the run from Candace, leaving New York City for his own personal hell: Los Angeles. He’s fresh out of an intense relationship that ended in murder. The last thing he expects is to meet an incredible new woman but he’s falling in love again — with a woman named Love [played by Victoria Pedretti]. Is history repeating? Or will this time be the real thing? Joe’s just crazy enough to risk finding out.”

At the end of Season One, we were left with the return of Candace, (Joe’s former lover, thought to be dead played by Ambyr Childers). Her final words to Joe, which ended the season were: “I think we have some unfinished business to talk about.”


Season Two will be “gorier and scarier”

We also know that Season Two of the hit series is set to be “gorier and scarier” than Season One (so basically American Psycho?). F*ck. I actually cannot wait.

If you’re totally new to You, let me just say this: if you like Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and from that experience, learned that hot men playing badder than bad boys is your thing, then this is your next series binge. You’re welcome. Oh and btw, if you’re panicking about finding fictional sociopaths so f*cking attractive, just read this. I now feel no guilt whatsoever, ’cause I’m swooning over Penn, Zac and Christian, not Joe, Ted or Patrick.

I mean, seriously…

Penn Badgley

See ‘You’ on Boxing Day. 

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