Netflix Drops Action-Packed Trailer For ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2

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Published 29.01.20

Netflix releases action-packed trailer for Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico

And ‘intense’ is the word.

Narcos‘ epic companion series, Narcos: Mexico – which explores the rise of the Guadalajara drug cartel of the 1980s – is back with a bang if this brand-new trailer is anything to go by.

I’m trying not to bite my nails after reading a pretty harrowing – and frankly, sick – story online recently, and I have to say, watching this brand-new trailer did absolutely f**king nothing to help me stick to that.

‘Intense’ really is the operative word if the rest of the second season is anything like what the internet has just watched.

Season 2 is set to be a nail-biter

I’m going to stick to this analogy, FYI.

Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico is set to pick up exactly where the finale of Season 1 left us, with the narration of Walt Breslin, a DEA agent in charge of Operation Layenda, stating:

What happened in Guadalajara in the early ’80s was the beginning. What happened in Guadalajara gave birth to the first cartel. From that, others would follow. And the violence and money and drugs, they just f*cking explode. It changed the DEA, too.

Maybe it woke us up, I don’t know. But it’s where the first shot was fired, the one that started the drug war. And after that, none of it would be the same. How could it be?

We knew we were in a war. Now, it was our turn. Pretty soon, they were gonna know, they were in one too.”

Whoever writes for this show should seriously be considered for the next Poet Laureate? Honestly. These writers make chat about sex, guns and drugs sound like beautiful haikus.

No high can last forever…

Netflix’s official synopsis for Season 2 of Narcos‘ sister cartel crime series is as follows:

“‘Narcos: Mexico’ season 2 continues the story of Miguel Ángel ​Félix Gallardo, now the Godfather of the first Mexican cartel – the Guadalajara cartel – as he struggles to maintain control, grow his empire, and reconcile the betrayals and sacrifices he had to make on his way to becoming El Padrino.

“As friction between the different ‘plazas’ of his cartel rises, Fé​​lix’s control over the situation slips.

“Meanwhile, the death of DEA agent Kiki Camarena at the hands of the cartel and corrupt politicians brings a hailstorm of retribution to Mexico.

“Operation Leyenda” led by the dogged DEA agent Walt Breslin, whose methods aren’t always by-the-book, targets Fé​​lix Gallardo and his chief lieutenants, adding to the instability and volatility of the cartel.”

So, yeah; Félix is back and in charge of the drug game – but for how long?

Bye bye, nails.


Who’s returning for Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico?

Basically anyone that didn’t die in Season 1 will be making a return. I’m doing my best to avoid spoilers, can you tell? You all get angry when I don’t respect spoilers. Please do me a favour and just binge Season 1 this weekend. Go on; set me free.

Okay fine. You can expect to see Diego Luna, Scott McNairy, Teresa Ruiz, Mayra Hermosillo, Sosie Bacon, Andrés Londoño, Alex Knight, Miguel Rodarte, Jesse Garcia Matt Biedel, Jesus Ochoa, Flavio Medina, Alberto Zeni, Jero Medina, Jose Julian, Noé Hernandez and Nat Faxon in Season 2.

But if you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, don’t read that cast list too hard.

F**k, this spoilers game is hard.

Ten brand-new episodes of Narcos: Mexico will drop on Netflix on 13th February. Another Valentine’s Day full of unadulterated escapism – without my nails – then. 

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